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In Technicolor: “A McDonalds, Y’all!”

As a follow up to yesterday’s post – I stopped by the Hungry Jacks for coffee this AM and suddenly decided to take some pictures to illustrate my town for you all… keep in mind that today is unusually cloudy and cold for our desert town… 90% of the year it is very sunny out.

Hungry Jacks, at the bottom of Anzac Hill:

The view of town from the top of Anzac Hill… Hey! I can see my house from here! Just kidding Lol

St Philips, also at the bottom of Anzac Hill:

My old Primary School – some renovations, but essentially still the same:

The food mart and bus interchange:

My old house in that neighbourhood – some renovations were done inside… but the biggest loss is the Bush Lemon tree that used to be out front apparently died a couple years before I returned:

My current house with… siiiiggggh… a moving truck out front:

My old house is still down the street from the cemetery (3 doors down from the cemetery, in fact), aviation museum, and the Araluen Arts Centre:

The airway museum used to house a small dinosaur exhibit when I was a kid as well…

A brand spankin’ new roundabout built in town this year:

And here is THE original roundabout in town, the only one when I was a kid:

And here are a few other random pics that turned out ok… 

And… OMG y’all! A McDonalds!!


26 thoughts on “In Technicolor: “A McDonalds, Y’all!””

      1. That’s the way of most things. It’s like conspiracy theorists. They all go on like people aren’t prepared to listen to them, but maybe they’d have more success if they didn’t yell their beliefs, shout at everyone for not believing it too and call them names. Their own worst enemies

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      2. Exactly, I don’t understand how people think those tactics work… I had some dick scream that I was a baby killer when I was on bourbon st in New Orleans once… like they knew my sins or some shit (they were screaming similar things at everyone) … like accusing me of something I haven’t done would make me repent to their ways. Have you seen articles about the “bloody tampon lady ” who goes to college campuses in the US and calls girls sluts etc? She gets away with it because of freedom of speech… but I would gladly go to jail for a night if it meant I got to punch her square in the face. Sorry… went on a tangent there … 😐

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      3. It wasn’t a tangent really. It was on point I’d say 🙂 I have friends on Facebook who are massively anti-government (as am I – I have very antidisestablishmentarian views) and they post a lot of stuff; some I agree with, some I think is utter bollocks. But what concerns me is that they just make people out who don’t agree to be idiots. It’s not even implied; they just straight out slag everyone off. It just makes me think, how do you expect people to come to your way of thinking if you’re just slagging them. Educate, don’t berate!

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      4. Same entirely. I agree with debating, but arguing is for the pigheaded. I hate when I get dragged into arguments. Some people just can’t stand a difference in opinion so much that they simply must get angry and call you names

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      5. There is a HUGE domestic violence problem around the parts. To be fair, the worst of it is in the indigenous community… but it’s still a problem overall. I’m sure if anything got like that security would have dealt with him/others would have come to my aid or whatever… but it’s still not a situation I’d want to test those waters

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      6. Like you say, people are unpredictable so it’s always wise to err on the side of caution when it comes to strangers. And I can understand something like that is something you’d like to avoid given your past

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