In Technicolor: “A McDonalds, Y’all!”

As a follow up to yesterday’s post – I stopped by the Hungry Jacks for coffee this AM and suddenly decided to take some pictures to illustrate my town for you all… keep in mind that today is unusually cloudy and cold for our desert town… 90% of the year it is very sunny out.

Hungry Jacks, at the bottom of Anzac Hill:

The view of town from the top of Anzac Hill… Hey! I can see my house from here! Just kidding Lol

St Philips, also at the bottom of Anzac Hill:

My old Primary School – some renovations, but essentially still the same:

The food mart and bus interchange:

My old house in that neighbourhood – some renovations were done inside… but the biggest loss is the Bush Lemon tree that used to be out front apparently died a couple years before I returned:

My current house with… siiiiggggh… a moving truck out front:

My old house is still down the street from the cemetery (3 doors down from the cemetery, in fact), aviation museum, and the Araluen Arts Centre:

The airway museum used to house a small dinosaur exhibit when I was a kid as well…

A brand spankin’ new roundabout built in town this year:

And here is THE original roundabout in town, the only one when I was a kid:

And here are a few other random pics that turned out ok… 

And… OMG y’all! A McDonalds!!



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