Urgent – Job Required!

Came across this blog a couple days ago and got to chatting with the …what do we call ourselves? “Blog Masters?” Perhaps “Blog Overlords?” … oh, oh right “blogger” (… Nah, I’ll stick with Blog Master in this case) LOL …anyway, nice guy. Check him out πŸ™‚

Paul.E.Bailey's World

This couch. So comfy.

I must get searching for a job.

I’ll make myself a coffee.

Too warm. Wait for it to cool.

Now; this job search.

Article about something. I’ll read that.

Pop a smart-arsed comment on there.

My coffee. It’s cooled down now.

Read this other article while I drink.

Comfy, comfy couch!

Job search.

Facebook. So much nonsense.

Still scrolling though.

Twitter. More nonsense.

Still scrolling though.

Look for a job. You jobless bum!

I will. After a nap.

Such a comfy couch…

(via Daily Prompt: Urgent)

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