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You guys… I swear I’ve been trying to write something for at least an hour… But…Youtube. Goddammit, youtube!

I was drawing a blank on what to write and was playing around on the net,as you do, when I suddenly remembered Svea suggested last week that I needed to check out “Volbeat.”

A Danish rock band she said this about:

“Pretty hard hard rock, like ‘aggressive’ looking
Though the singer stopped midsong (at a full packed Globen) when he saw 2 guys fighting
He then made a speech about how real men don’t fight
They are nice and treat women nice”
Well damn if that didn’t pique my interest. That and she has always had impeccable taste in music and books in my opinion.
So I’ve been spending my writing time on youtube instead… and Fan, but Svea was right once again. So I’m phoning it in slightly tonight by posting videos instead… But trust me,you guys. Worth it.

They sing mostly in English – but this one is in English and Danish. Why is Danish so much easier to understand in song? LOL:

Here’s a harder rock one… Dude, this guy’s voice is AMAZING:

And one last one for tonight… Svea said their older stuff sounded like Elvis on Crack, but come to find out this song at least is usually dedicated to Johnny Cash at their shows, which I must say makes sense. Also makes sense as to why she likes the stuff like this 😉 :

So anyway… Sorry for phoning it in today…but also… You’re welcome 😉


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