I want to vomit

In case it isn’t clear what my political leanings are, I just wanted to hop on here really quickly using my roaming data to express to you guys how terrified and disgusted I feel… and I just got moved into the middle of Trump country. My husband doesn’t understand my tears… I can’t even sit here and explain it all… I am just plain sick to my stomach over this…

I don’t even want to debate or have anyone try to justify any of this to me… Just don’t.


27 thoughts on “I want to vomit”

  1. I too have felt the urge to cry; I wasn’t really passionate about the alternative but I never thought it would come to this. I am embarrassed and ill over it. I really hope none of the locals ask me about it tomorrow…I will probably cave and cry my eyeballs out!

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  2. The realization that he’s president gives me a sinking fear that rolls around, burning in the pit of my stomach. I am avoiding FB and family because I just can’t deal with the Trumpness. I can’t even stand to hear him speak.

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      1. Everytime I visit my in laws I feel like they are trying to convert me. Which would never happen, of course. I didn’t realize how many of my friends are Rep. untill the election started. I don’t hold it against them really , but you think you know a person! Haha

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      2. Yes and the fear mongering. He brings the worst out in a lot of people making them think it’s ok to do and say horrible things.
        I’m just praying he can keep his mouth civil while talking to other countries and not start WW3. I’m also hoping alot of his idiocy was all an act for the cameras. I’m aware it probably isn’t, but one can hope.

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