For better or worse

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I am...


This act–the writing–and its product–the raw, the whiny, the deeply personal–are usually reserved for the pages of my private journal. Yet I have been recently inspired by several creative beings, and one in particular, to let these thoughtforms see the light, nevermind their flaws. These creations, with their gnarled appearances and crooked ways, are beautiful in their raw honesty.

For better or worse, I cast them out into the world.

In my middle age I find a great deal of confusion resting on my mind and after a long period of couching my creative urges for other pursuits I have come to understand the importance of creative acts in my life. I have been writing in journals and diaries since I was a pre-teen and making art for at least as long. Writing and art-making open a conduit to my psyche, that finicky creature that glares and shouts at me from…

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