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Touché, Bitch

Maja called me the devil the other day.

I wasn’t even being particularly naughty this time… Okay, well… Maybe I was… to a degree.

I was telling her about a guy that has quickly become my new crush. She stated that she used to believe that she was the one in our group that was prone to naughtiness and misbehaviour. At least as far as our youth went – inferring somehow that I now hold the title of troublemaker… or something more lascivious. 

“Whatever, Maja, I’m an Angel.”

“So was Satan,” she responded.

…Touché, Bitch…Touché.

Though I don’t think I’ve really changed so much since high school; I don’t know why it would be so surprising that I lust after such a good looking man… making inappropriate comments about what I wish I could do to him or vice versa.

He even looks like a man I would have fallen hard for in gymnasium. Come to think of it, he looks just like Pär! …See? I haven’t changed much at all!

I suppose the difference is that I’m married now.

I suppose as an upstanding wife and mother it would be frowned upon in polite company to discuss this man as I have done.

But… Damn. At least it’s my husband benefitting from my libido-raising crush! If I truely were the devil, this might not be the case… 😈

On that note, Maja suggested I read “Slummy Mummy” awhile back because she thinks I’d relate to the main character. Well, I finally got it and started to read.

The character, Lucy, (coincidentally what Maja said should be my next pen name – it being short for “Lucifer”) develops quite the crush on a man dubbed “Sexy Domesticated Dad.”

Well, fuck if Maja doesn’t know me so well.

It’s good, though I haven’t gotten very far in – but is it wrong to hope Lucy ends up banging SDD at some point? Like, get it girl… Let me live vicariously through you and your fictional self!



18 thoughts on “Touché, Bitch”

  1. 😂 Hahahaha

    There is no arm in drooling a little.. especially if he’s hottt..
    maja.. you should start come out and admit that you do that same thing….
    Unless you are a prude …

    Enjoy yourself looking and enjoying my dearest girl

    Liked by 1 person

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