NC update

I don’t have much to say today, but I was in the mood to write… So I figured I’d at least write up an update post. 

We landed in NC on Election Day… siiiigh. The next day my husband got a job offer for another state, so we’ll be moving again soon. It’s a really good offer and a place we’d like to go, so we’re pleased… I’ll explain more at a later date once more details are pinned down. Likely I’ll be staying in NC with the kids for a few months after he goes up there anyway…

The town has been smoky as there are wildfires burning in the county and surrounding counties… today wasn’t so bad, though you could still see the haze on the mountains… the other day, however; looked like this in town:

That picture of the sun didn’t turn out like reality… it was blood red with no rays when looked at by natural eyesight… reminded me of a bushfire moon. It was unsettling to say the least… and everyone was coughing …not a fun day.

I’m sad to discover that my favourite antique mall that was HUGE (literally would take me a good 3 hours to walk through and see everything) has closed and relocated to a smaller space. For years and years that was the one place I wanted to go when visiting Franklin… I find it a relaxing activity and there were always treasures to be found. Siiigh. I’m going to check out the new location this week, but it won’t be the same. 

I finally got to see a play at the smoky mountain centre for performing arts – it opened several years ago and my friend Scotty manages it. I’ve mentioned Scotty previously – back in 2005 I worked on a play with him… 

Anyway, I got to see Fiddler on The Roof as performed by the Overlook Theatre Company (the same company I worked on a play with before.) 

It was excellently done… Fiddler was the first play I ever performed in myself, so it holds that special place in my heart anyway…

Today has just been about errands and cleaning… the house we’re staying in was half destroyed by previous tenants so hubby has been fixing some stuff up for his mum. Side note: he cleaned out the fire place and found someone’s tongue ring… what? Lol

Anyway… guess I’m settling in ok… still not entirely pleased we had to move in the first place… but at least we have a new positive direction… and at least that ridiculously long flight is well over 😛



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