I don’t have a whole lot to say today, but I felt like writing regardless. Well… fact is I do have a fair bit I’d like to write about, I just probably shouldn’t.

Maybe I’ll get the balls to post some of it later. It’ll require more fore thought than I usually put into my posts.

So for now you get generic crap! Yaaaaaay! 

Firstly, lookie… how cute is my lap desk with stuff actually in it?

Secondly, husband just got another job offer …another overseas job! Super excited! We’ll find out about money/benefits tomorrow as they are taking into consideration the other job offer he got… Crossing fingers! Still not Norway, but I really wanted the kids to live outside of the US as much as possible while they’re young.

Especially with the current political climate here… I’d rather my kids not be exposed to much of that just yet.

I was on the phone with Maja when hubs told me and she heard so she yelled “Aaaaawwwweeessssooooooome!”Hahaha. She told me to give him a high five and that she would totally go visit me there. That’s it. Sold.

Lol yay!



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