Let it develop, naturally

I think I shared her first post with a plea to follow her blog… but in case I didn’t… this is my lovely friend, Tam, in Australia. Well deserving of your time and attention. Check her out! (And follow!) Thanks, babes 😘

I am...

20161116_202847Last time I left you with the query, β€œWhy create at all?” This question, being positioned as the hanging thought, seemed a prime focus for this, my second post. Last week I had several ideas and fresh experiences I could have blogged about about but I stayed my fingers, forcing myself to think about the reason why I create.

I was looking for something rich and deeply colored by the conflict I have in my heart over this question. I was thinking of revisiting some old journal entries where I attempted to answer this question before, or dragging out old expository papers from my time as an art student. I started to see this as a research opportunity, and wondered what other creative types have said about it before. I put all other thoughts of posting on hold in favor of this massive, elusive question.

And then I realized that…

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