My Thing

I’ve made it to the library. A gorgeous library with so many books… I almost forgot a library could hold so much; considering how small the Alice Springs library had been.

I don’t like posting too much in one day, so while I made it here this morning and am getting the writing done – this will have been scheduled for later in the day to space out my posts a bit. I don’t particularly like being someone that floods newsfeeds when I am sure you all have various others you want to keep up with.

But I digress.

I’m sitting in a comfy chair in the large foyer that houses a big stone fireplace and chimney – I am yearning to go look through the foreign language section. The sign of which beckons from behind me. I’ve sat with my back to it for this very reason; to lessen the temptation until after I’ve gotten some writing done.

Unfortunately, without a local license or, as yet, no mail sent to our house in my name – I cannot gain a card to this library regardless. No way to take any treasures home. I don’t suppose I’d mind just coming here on my own for hours at a time, but I don’t know how often that will be feasible.

Being here does, in fact, remind me of my academic days. Almost making me yearn to be back at university. One day I’ll get back. One day I’ll earn a higher degree or two.

Until that day, I will sit and I will write. As for the fiction I’d like to pursue, I do have one solitary idea. One of the besties told me a couple of weeks ago that I have a real way with words when it comes to describing sex.

She suggested I try my hand at an erotic novel. I think that is an interesting concept – me, writing erotica that is. I’m almost positive my husband would have a conniption fit. I’d likely have to conceal my identity even further if I do actually write something of that nature and try to release it to the world.

I’m not entirely confident in my ability to achieve real success with my writing anyway… So I figure it’s nothing if not at least worth a try. Right?

So I have a basic idea for the plot and an idea for the character perspectives. Ideally, I’d actually like to make this a collab effort – wish me luck that the other writer I’d like to work with is keen enough to venture on this project with me.

Until then, I’d like to write some more short stories. I fear that when I start, however; I will revert to old habits and themes. As you’ll notice if you’ve read any I’ve published here, it tends to be domestic violence oriented.

I don’t want to stick myself in a groove that I can’t get out of. That’s why I hadn’t written anymore just yet. But then I wonder if that is just supposed to be “My Thing,” you know?

What if I’m not supposed to pull myself that far out of my box? What if that is what my work should continue to center around and shed light on?



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