I’m exhausted, frequently, with no regrets

Started writing this a couple months ago; a description of myself to be honest. A true account of a Friday afternoon at which time I thought “Huh, maybe I could write about this” haha  – about time I finished and posted it for y’all 🙂 Enjoy.

(featured image of the road discussed herein from AusEmade as I never got a chance to get a photo before leaving the area… 😦 )

She had a rough week, but it was finally Friday. Not only that, but Friday afternoon no less! She felt a bit of a weight lift off of her shoulders as she strolled to her car, just knowing at least she was starting her weekend. That had to be good for something, right?

The afternoon was sunny and clear – and just the right temperature for rolling down both front windows, she flipped her dial all the way up – blasting her music as loud as it would go.

Peers don’t know what they can’t see.

They can’t see inside of me.

It’s sickening how comforting the privacy of the mind can be.

How much longer will I try before I realize I’m desperate in

The situation that I’m in again;

I’m exhausted, yet another topic:

I’m exhausted frequently with no regrets.

Oh Yeeaaah

Lighting her cigarette, her head already bobbing to the beat; she slowly pulled out of her parking space and headed for the exit. Her speed increased as she turned out onto the wide open road that would lead her back into town.

The sunny, mild afternoon was the perfect weather for a cigarette, in her opinion. The perfect weather to decompress with some loud music while the wind whipped through her hair. Ahead of her all she could see was the long, mostly straight road with the red hued mountains in the distance. She could see for kilometers on either side – mostly flat lands with brush and the occasional tree; more mountains in the distance.

She increased her speed as the signs indicated she was allowed to do. The wind lashing against her cheeks, bringing specks of sand from her desert surrounds with it causing her face to sting periodically.

She didn’t mind though. It took her mind off of the events of the day; lifting her spirits, in all honesty. The moments to herself lifted her spirits in general…. She was thankful now her drives home had increased by 20 minutes. It meant more time to herself, more time to listen to her music however loud she liked. More time to be alone with her thoughts. More time to sing out at the top of her lungs with no inhibitions.

Speaking of, the song switched to the next track. She reached out and pressed the button causing it to go back and repeat the song she had just listened to. That’s the kind of mood she was in today. Certainly she’d listen to more tracks on her 25 minute drive back to town, but for now – just… one more time. Maybe two.


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