Musty old books

I talked my husband into taking me to the used book stores today – much to his chagrin. I waxed nostalgic a little bit when I saw the stacks of Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High… and Sweet Valley Twins…

I also saw several copies of Ayn Rand’s Anthem – D’oh! How did I forget to add that to yesterday’s list??

Anyway, though we were out all day my husband couldn’t abide the book stores all day – so for HOURS between the two main used book stores in town, we went through antique stores and thrift shops (There are so many in the area… but I promise, now that I’m in Franklin this blog will not become an antiquing blog… Haha.) I do love browsing through Antique stores; though today that wasn’t the mood I was in. It wasn’t torturous, though at least.

I was hoping to find Stephen King’s On Writing, as I mentioned, but was sorely disappointed. Franklin was where I bought my original copy of that book… surely others did too and will donate them at some point, right?

To drown my suffering, I walked out of the stores with these:


Fuck you, I don’t have a problem.

I can quit anytime I choose.

I was excited to find another Henning Mankell mystery I don’t have – the one and only one in the stores. I also have read the Hunger Games series about three times, but my physical copies are Swedish for book 1 and Norwegian for books 2 and 3. So it was time to pick up English copies, hey? I have them on Kindle… but what fun is that?

Speaking of; the little old lady, Millie, that owned that particular store raved on about the series and how much she liked it… So I recommended The Legend series by Marie Lu to her. It was strange to talk about dystopian fantasies with a little old lady – but fun to see her light up with the prospect of a new series, haha.

I also picked up a “Making Shapely Fiction” book since I couldn’t get Mr King’s book about writing… Here’s hoping it’s worth it. Aaaand… I don’t really need to describe why I bought all the titles up there.

Anyway, I did find another few treasures in the antique stores… might as well show you a couple of those items as well.

I got those two items and a couple of old hankies… Hankies remind me of my childhood, so every now and then I buy pretty little ones that I say I’m going to use one day – but let’s be real, I usually automatically reach for tissues these days. My daughter has just discovered them and love the idea of them, so I bought her one today too. I also bought her an American Girl series book – the Meet Samantha book. Another set of books I loved as a kid… I had Kirsten, Samantha, Molly, and Felicity series books. Gosh, I really did need a two part series on my favourite books, Haha.

Speaking of books and antiques; I came across a Cherry Ames book… One I already have so I didn’t buy it… but I enjoy collecting her stories as well as the Vicki Barr stories (similar but she’s a Flight Attendant instead of a Nurse.) The Vicki Barr stories are harder to find though – I only have three of those… I have several of Cherry Ames.

The Cherry Ames books were written during wartime and the decades after (1940s-1960s/70s) as a propaganda like tool to get young girls interested in joining the workforce as nurses. Many of the stories have mysteries – much like the Nancy Drew series. Besides the obvious connection to nursing I have, I do enjoy wartime history… These books do it for me on a couple of levels. I only buy original copies; though you can buy newer prints of them online. (While these are for girls, I did not discover them and start collecting them until I was an adult.)


I also stumbled across a necklace made with a Norwegian 10 cent coin and a gorgeous stained glass window I had to pinch myself so I wouldn’t just spend money for the sake of it.

One last temptation I had was this sheet music from a thrift shop; thinking perhaps it should be a joke gift for my father. My dad always breaks out suddenly in this song when he either has nothing else to say, or if it is too quiet and frankly I believe he is trying to scare the Bejesus out of everybody. I wish I could accurately describe how he sings it with the additional drama that makes it all the more funny….


Fuck… Now I have it stuck in my head… BORN FREE! Free as the wind blooooows; free as the grass grooooows… Born free to follow my Heeeeaaaarrrrtttttt!


You’re welcome for that ear worm…




  1. I had no idea that John Barry, the man behind the frankly incredible music in the early James Bond movies, had composed Born Free. But now I just want to listen to his James Bond scores. ‘Capsule In Space’ and ‘007 And Counting’ are two of my favourite pieces of music ever.
    As for books, I really need to find the time to start reading again. I’ve been consumed so much with writing instead that I haven’t read anything properly since SΓΈren Kierkegaard’s ‘The Seducers Diary’ and that was about a year ago…

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