I am a writing fiend!

Haha, sorry you guys – I felt like I was ignoring this blog today…. and yesterday – though I meant to come over here and write something. I have a couple ideas I thought of today to post over here… but then I got busy writing fiction again. Over on Raeavljus Writes I have just written three additional chapters (up to chapter 10) of my Grace story today which are scheduled to post every two days through to December 7 at the moment. Those are in addition to the one that was scheduled for tomorrow already 🙂

I feel so productive!! Haha.

Anyway, I have got to put a stop on the writing for today since the kids are hungry and I suppose I must feed them… or… Whatever …LOL… But I will try to post something of more quality over here tomorrow.

If I don’t forget what I was thinking about… hmmm…. shoot.



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