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How Drunk ARE You?

I swayed slightly as I stood up from the kitchen table. I was finished tormenting Felix in his inebriated state and felt it time to move on to another party activity.

We had been grouped mostly in the kitchen mixing drinks and retching over the taste of the Punsch I had gotten from my father after he had left the country. We tried the Punsch and it smelled horrible – a scent that permeated the plastic cups for weeks after. An issue that luckily the missionaries I was living with did not notice. Their 15 year old daughter noticed though – silently pointing it out to me behind her parent’s backs and making a gagging face. She knew what it was, regardless, she had been there at the beginning of the party before going off with her own friends. Her parents having been out of town. …I was clearly not as good an influence on her as her parents assumed.

It the kitchen as we drank various other liquors my father had left me, we became increasingly drunk and I did not notice when two friends disappeared off to fuck in the 15 year old’s bed (she, uhhh… wasn’t pleased when she got home and realised that had happened…) I was too busy aggravating Felix and he was busy doing likewise to me.

I said something offhand to him in English and he yelled at me “Du bor i Sverige! Pratar Svenska fΓΆr fan!” (You live in Sweden! Speak Swedish, for fuck’s sake!)

I responded in English something snarky – purposely continually responding to him in English just to piss him off. It was a strange sensation, but it felt like I was quicker with the Swedish when I was drunk. I think it was likely my inhibitions over a second language were diminished due to the drink.

I laughed heartily as Felix swore at me all the more. Clearly annoyed as he slammed his hand on the table and told me to ‘Fucking stop it.’

Finally, I was done tormenting him… it was time to move on so I stood and swayed – the alcohol having affected me more than I realised while I was sitting.

I walked out to the living room and there was discussion of watching a movie – we’d have to watch a VHS as that’s all the missionaries had. No over air TV, even. It was decided at some point that Almost Famous would get put on – my personal video. Not one that was in their movie collection. I vaguely remember smoking a bidi – likely grape flavoured as that was what I usually bought at the time. Not that many flavours were otherwise available.

I don’t think I put the movie in. If I had, maybe my drunken confusion wouldn’t have happened.

I was laying on the couch. So tired. So drunk.

About half way through the movie… Maybe less… who really can follow time when one is inebriated? I let my thoughts out loud “Are we actually watching Almost Famous? Or have I just seen it so much I can imagine watching the whole thing?”

Svea turned to look at me. She smirked and let out a laugh.

“How drunk ARE you?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, in a dazed voice, “I dunno… But… You didn’t answer my question…”


22 thoughts on “How Drunk ARE You?”

      1. Even so I wasn’t going to call you old enough to be my father haha… Erm… from actual relationships – about 5 I think before getting married… that doesn’t include the 3 ‘practice boyfriends’ as I call them from 6th/7th grade LOL nor any guys I’ve casually dated or slept with here and there. Never felt like that was much, but come to find out several women I know only have, like, 1 ex if that… sooo… I’m not that inexperienced I guess πŸ˜›

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      2. You’re mor experienced than me that’s for sure. I liked how you had sectioned them into little categories if exceptions lol
        Either way you’re a fun new friend on here that i must keep up with ☺

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha it’s how I categorize them in my head I guess. My coach in Australia was my first boyfriend in 6th grade and I wasn’t supposed to reveal that to any mutual friends lest his wife become upset… I was like “Psssh! Why would she get upset? You were just a practice boyfriend!” Hahaha. I’m definitely not as experienced as some… but at least I’ve gathered some good stories out of the experiences I did have πŸ™‚ Certainly – please do keep up with me πŸ™‚ I’ll endeavor to do the same

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s an interesting first bf… Ill keep up for sure. Whats your name? I better tootle off to bed as I’m in the UK and its late. But thanks for the chat and follow. Ill be sure to annoy you soon x

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  1. What an utter, shameless piss head you are! I wholly commend you for it! Why be sober when being drunk is clearly so much more fun? It’s just gone 9am here in sunny Manchester…why have I not got a beer in my hand? WHY?!

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      1. Gone are the days where I could wake in the morning and start immediately drinking. It was something I did a lot at house parties in my youth. I remember a house party at mine once that started on Friday night and didn’t end until Monday morning

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      2. That is a good long time! Don’t think I’ve ever partied that long straight before… but I suppose if I did I might just not remember it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yeah I don’t drink nearly as much as I did, say, 8 years ago… but on the odd occasion I still get get and wasted πŸ˜›

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      3. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been a pisshead as such, but I could sure put some beverages away when I was younger. And partying was pretty much my raison d’etre. It only slowed after I hit 24 and met my ex, but I still enjoy getting mullered on occasion

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      4. I dunno, hubby used to call me a lush all the time… I don’t really consider myself as such though. My full on drunken stupors did increase though for awhile around ages 23-25 and then tapered back off… lately it’s been maybe once every 6 months+ that I get that drunk


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