16 thoughts on “I suppose husband loves me… ”

  1. Haaaaaaaa!! I thought you meant the laptop for a sec… Cos that’s what my hubby got me! Beautiful desk…I love how well an antique works in our technologically advanced lives 😄

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  2. I’d take a crap desk from Ikea right now as opposed to the arm of the sofa I’m using! 😫 I don’t want for much. Though I’d be delighted with a desk like yours and a husband to fix it up for me 😂

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    1. Soooo…. what I’m reading is: you’d swing that way if only you could get a desk out of it? 😉 Well, Hun… I’m sure something could be worked out without you needing to turn gay… LOL just teasing 😂 for the past years I too had just been using the arm of a chair… definitely nice now having a more stable surface!

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      1. I think vast sums of money could turn me gay 😂 No, my bum is definitely a ‘no men’ zone. Man crushes are a figurative thing for me. Definitely not a ‘ooh, I’d like to see what his penis tastes of’ thing 😂
        Anyway, a decent desk and a decent chair would definitely be something I’d appreciate in my life

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      2. Glad to hear it – handsome guy like you needs to stay available to the female population in my humble opinion! 😂 😉it’s taken me years to get my own desk again! Simply years!! I think the last time I had one was when I still lived at my parent’s house! …so I have faith you’ll one day get one of your own… even if it takes 13+ years… 😳

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      3. Ah, but I’m not available so therein lies the flaw behind your logic. And if I were ever to become available I do believe I’d keep women at arms length for a long time because you’re all nothing but trouble 😂
        I think space is the issue really. I could pick up a desk for little money, but I’d have nowhere to put it. Space and 21 month old child don’t really go together as I’m sure you’re aware. Haha

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      4. Awwww…. pity 😢 LOL still sure gf would appreciate you continuing to bat for the female team though.., so my logic does still stand, HA! 😂 yeah, I hear ya… need a lap desk, maybe??? Or even one of those foldable TV dinner tables? That might could make life a little easier without taking up too much space…

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