I’d turn lesbian for Miranda

Every now and then I talk about my music tastes on this blog. Superficially, you’d notice I’m a HUGE fan of Eve 6, for example. I know I’ve discussed music from the show Nashville before, Ke$ha, Johnny Gallagher and a few other random artists… I have a very eclectic taste – based primarily on my mood. But in searching my nearly 2 year old blog, it seems I am remiss in talking about the one woman I would turn lesbian for… Miranda Lambert. In fact, I found that I mentioned I was listening to her in passing one time – which is a post that is now private.

This oversight obviously must be rectified.

Today my mood is for Miranda. Klutzyhomemaker (Who, in case you haven’t noticed by now is one of my besties that I met in Australia πŸ˜‰ ) Β  pointed me in the direction of Pistol Annies the other day – I had been blissfully ignorant of the fact that Miranda was in this group, and realised yesterday I had actually heard them previously on my husband’s stereo, but did not realise who they were.

This has caused a rabbit hole of youtube watching again, catching up on their songs and then seguing back to Miranda’s solo stuff.

I’m just gonna say right here that I am painfully jealous that Klutzy got to see her in concert a few months ago – even though she recorded snippets of my fave songs and messaged them to me at the time… siiiigh.

Miranda oozes badassery and I wish I could be as cool as her sometimes… Anyway, here you are – some of my favourite songs from my queen:

Pistol Annies – I Feel a Sin Comin’ On …This song gives me shivers. I feel like it is so relevant to me…

This next one is my all time favourite: Gunpowder and Lead… I think, if you’ve followed me for awhile, you’ll pick up on the why…

See? Baddass.

I’m in love with her strength and her ability to make other women also feel like they too can be strong.

Now, Mama’s Broken Heart holds one of my favourite quotes: “Run and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady.”

Little Red Wagon is one of my 5 year old son’s favourites… I’d be remiss again if I didn’t add it here too… Because still… Badass.

Okay, I get it… Many of you are likely not country fans… but… TOO BAD! Haha! Just one more πŸ˜‰ This is the Pistol Annies song that Klutzy first introduced to me – Hush Hush. Just… Again… So relevant to, like, my entire LIFE. Gosh…


21 thoughts on “I’d turn lesbian for Miranda”

  1. She looks like a hotter version of Sophie Ellis-Bextor. I’m not country at all (you don’t hear that shit at Bowlers or on OSN Radio), but I approved of all except the first which was a bit…I don’t know. It just didn’t compliment the ears. The rest were cool though. Think yourself fortunate I listened. I have musical autism (borrowed that term from Summer Starts To Shine) and rarely entertain music I’m not certain I’ll enjoy. Over the years I should have learned that’s a bad mind-set, but never mind

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    1. Well, I’m glad you enjoyed at least most of it! And, yes, I am honoured you actually listened… especially after not liking the first one. I don’t think most people do when I post videos… Not sure who Sophie Ellis-Bextor is… but Miranda IS hot, I have to agree… would make turning lesbian not as difficult… πŸ˜‚

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      1. It’s not that I didn’t like the first one. More that I didn’t care for it. It was neither good nor bad. Kind of like Empire of the Sun’s second album. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is this posh English singer, popular around the turn of the millennium. I’d go into the story of ‘Groovejet’ by Spiller, but it’d be typing for typing’s sake

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      2. Well good to hear it didn’t murder your ears at least πŸ˜‚ I suppose it’s not the usual type of song I would usually connect with, I can only think of one or two other slower tempo country songs with that kind of tonal vocals – not sure how to describe it – like that that I actually love. Every now and then though… man there’s some talent I can’t deny… usually it’s the lyrics that’ll really bring it home for me. I do also like some tonal old Scandinavian and Celtic music… but again, not all of it. Certain tracks stand out over others. Mof the country I do listen to is the more upbeat stuff… I’m sure I likely heard Sophie’s work at the time then… I just can’t place the name.


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