The Adventures of Zarah – Part 1

Hey you guise! Check it out – my first attempt at writing children’s fiction – over on my fiction blog… Hope you all like it 🙂

Raeavljus Writes

Here we go! My first attempt at Children’s Lit… the image is a quick draft of what I imagine the particular character to look like. If all continues to go well I was discussing with the previously mentioned friend that I would publish it so she at least can buy a hard copy book! 😉 If I get a full story book created based on these first drafts, I will at some point stop posting installments here so I can move on to posting adult level material again and leave somewhat of a surprise factor for the book 😉 Hope you all like it! Feedback welcome 🙂


Zarah squinted at Ferdinand, giving him her best scolding look, before speaking in her most authoritative voice.

“Ferdinand!” She bellowed. “Put Mr Smith’s cow down! Now!”

Ferdinand lowered his head sheepishly, but did not let go of the scruff of Bessie’s neck…

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