More childhood memories 

To be honest, I feel like I’m phoning it in with this post and the last… but it’s been hard to find the time to blog this week due to holidays and family and all that… and in a few days I’ll be moving again… so bear with me and I hope you enjoy these posts anyway!

Yesterday my mother said she had a box for me to sort through, so naturally she came out of the attic with three boxes 😐

Within them; however, I did find about 2/3 of a box worth of stuff to bring home. I brought home some old report cards and school papers etc but also found some more exciting (to me) things that I assumed were long gone…

Old British school uniform sweatshirt and my fave shirt when I was 3.

Rolland House, represent!! 😂 (as modelled in the last post) There were also several other uniform items from different places that I took back.

All sorts of goodies! Note my Harold the Hedgehog and my little Scottish Tribble-thing 

Those hankies – was only recently told my daughter about them when I explained to her what hankies are. I thought them long gone! The butterfly pin was also a surprise! I got that from a boy named Cameron when I was 6. The first boy that ever said he liked me, the first token of affection ☺️ such a treasure!

Creative writing books from primary school and some sheets of writing from high school…. I felt like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory – in the way that I must look through my old notebooks for signs of my genius! Bahaha nah… but I am interested to go through them and see what kind of imagination I had.

I’m going to have fun going through all the stuff more closely later as I have time. I also should receive my box of childhood pictures that I had in storage in a couple of weeks – so once I get those, it’ll be fun to go through those as well… you’ll likely get another picture post around that time …. YAAAY!!! Lol 

Anyway, hope you all had/are having a wonderful holiday period 😘 I’ll be back again as I have time 😊



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