Update on Spring/Summer bucket List

In September last year I published a list of things to achieve before February 2017. Let’s see how I did…

Partway into Australia’s Spring/Summer I moved back to the US so it turned into Fall/Winter in the US instead… but so as not to confuse the update… Leaving it named as was.

Honestly, I know I have still a few weeks left on this – but at this point nothing will otherwise be able to change so I might as well get on with it… :/

1.Master a BJJ Sweep

I wouldn’t say I mastered one… but I did get a couple of sweeps on a girl during rolling before I left Australia… so done? The idea behind this was that I do well with them doing the step-by-step practicing but never seemed to actually get it/remember it when I actually need it. So, I’ll say I got this 3/4 of the way done.  …Still need more practice though to get it more technically correct.

2. Lose 12-20 Kgs

I’ve been stress eating… Really it’s been stress drinking of Dr Pepper and Cherry Pepsi… Sooooo…. No.


3. Finish my rewrite and get it back on the market

 Still waiting on my editor…. guuuuh…. I just want to be doooone.

4. Take my kids to Disney World and Harry Potter World! Yaay!

Unfortunately indefinitely postponed… We had scheduled it for December, made all the bookings … and then very suddenly had to move back to the US from Australia. No longer had the disposable cash to do this this year… Very disappointed we had to take this away from the kids 😦


5. Read 5 new books

 Got maybe 3 or 4 books read… Handmaids Tale, Slummy Mummy, a Wallander mystery, and Braboy… well, too be honest 3 of those 4 are almost done…though I will likely complete them by February anyway…. I actually ended up focusing a lot more of my reading time following certain stories on WordPress sooo… imma call it done… just for my sanity given the way everything else has gone…

6. Curb my shopping habits

Errrm to an extent. Need to do better, but it’s been hard to focus on since we’ve had to get so much due to moving and resetting up house. Not sure if that counts though….

7. Clean out and declutter my entire house

The move forced this to be done so…. yay? Done and Done. (As of first week of November 2016)… Currently in process of doing more as we start the unpacking of boxes, and when our storage shipment comes there will surely be more to get rid of…

8. Finally sit down with Gino for a couple guitar lessons

 Fuck this fucking move. No. Literally no time between Gino’s son being born and my sudden move back to the US

9. Extend in my job, hopefully on a more permanent basis

Fucking move, AGAIN! I did extend  for a six month period through January and it looked likely I would be staying longer… had I not had to move out of the country. Literally found out about moving a week or so after signing my new contract. Fuck this shit.


10. Shoot. I don’t have a number 10… it feels so uneven or unfinished somehow…. #10: Think of a number 10.😉 …Decided I needed to climb Mt Gillen before I moved from Australia… It had been something I had meant to do for a long time, and a friend suggested getting it done a little over a week before I left… Sooo….

Done as far as picking a #10… and yet… got so bogged down with last minute shit that it couldn’t be arranged.

Fuck it all.

Maybe I can make new goals now that I’m finally settled at a new place… but I’ll have to think about it. This has honestly been a very disconcerting and depressing experience… 




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