My Five Memorable Moments of 2016 – A Response to Paul.E.Bailey

Good morning, lovelies – or good afternoon/night for some of you I suppose… I was just reading Mr Bailey’s post about his 2016 five memorable things in which he asked

How was your 2016? Were there any defining moments in your year? What do you make of the events that took place in mine?

While I don’t usually comment based off of the direct questions a blogger may ask – I just comment willy nilly as I see fit… whatever pops into my head as I’m reading… I’m a wild one like that haha – I did feel that these questions would make a good prompt for a post. Much too much to leave in a comment thread. Plus I felt as though writing about this topic and responding to some of what he said in his post would be a good carry on from my last post. So here we go, my memorable things that happened in 2016:

First of all, I’d like to say that while all those memes etc of 2016 being the worst year ever and people telling 2016 to go fuck itself can be funny I seem to recall the same general attitude being expressed at the end of 2015. A bunch of celebrities died last year as well with a concentration of them happening in the late autumn and winter right before the end of the year. Let’s face it – a lot of these celebrities are old and/or have lived lives of excess in which it might not be surprising that their bodies would give out on them. Not all of them, of course, but enough to where winter months would not be surprising to get them sick enough to pass away. We wouldn’t have these stupid memes about Betty White winning the 2016 Hunger Games etc etc if it were at all surprising that old people are more likely to die in the winter months. Geez, guys. Get over it.

I mean, I get it – it’s shocking when icons we grew up with die… I’m not gonna claim I haven’t been sad when certain ones passed… but… not enough for it to ruin my year. As such, 2017 will not be the worst year ever when undoubtedly many more celebrities pass away.

2016 was a little rough on me personally. At least the last bit there. Overall though I had a really good year prior to October…So now that I’ve made such a huge introduction, here’s my memorable moments for real, haha… I’ll stick to no more than 5 as Mr Bailey did as well so as not to make this any longer than it has to be.

  1. I had emergent surgery to remove my gallbladder back in April – first surgery for me and first hospital stay barring giving birth to my kids. Definitely makes for a memorable moment I’d say. I just wish they had realised I would totally have taken that gallbladder home! Or at least wanted to look at it. Basically, I was told after the fact, that when they took it out it was completely hard. It was basically one big gall stone as many large gallstones had embedded in the lining and encrusted the organ. TMI perhaps… but OMG how KEWL! (Science/Medical geek alert… πŸ˜‰ )
  2. I started training Jiu Jitsu and MMA. I started feeling stronger, more fit, and less like a potential victim. I took some knocks and earned some bruises…. I’m so bummed I’ve not been able to do it for awhile, but soon as I can I will find a new gym and get back to the martial arts.
  3. I started writing fiction again after many, many years – and started a fiction blog as well! It’s been satisfying adventure to say the least so far, and I intend not to let fiction go as far by the wayside anymore.
  4. I’ve met some AMAZING people – both online and offline. One of which was T4MK4T – someone I met in person before I moved and we really connected… I knew we were destined to be besties… I also had started a new position and met amazing people in my boss and coworkers that I loved being around… and then… I suddenly moved. 😦 But as you can see, she has since started a blog at my encouragement… so she is also an online bosom buddy now πŸ™‚ There are a few other bloggers I have connected with that I also feel have inspired me, made me laugh, made me think… Clearly with my past reblogs and this post, I quite enjoy Paul.e.Bailey’s blog… but I’ve started connecting with people like kirascribbled, Simon Farnell, Echo, and fattymccupcakes… Some more than others – but all seem to be pretty awesome bloggers… sooo… check them out!
  5. Okay, last but not least… my year went down hill when I suddenly had to move back to the US. I’m trying to remain happy and go with the flow… but it’s hard when there seems to be punches coming at me from all sides. We’re starting to settle, but still having some struggles… plus… I just really did not want to leave Australia. I wasn’t prepared to leave my gym, my friends, my job… I wasn’t prepared to come back to the US when I hadn’t intended to come back for many years. I arrived on election day which just solidified the dread I felt accompanying coming back.

Okay, so there are my 5 most memorable things about 2016, Mr Bailey. πŸ˜› as far as answering your last query: I am ever so glad you started blogging – your blog is a delight in my opinion and I find you a very talented writer – which also leads on to you finishing your manuscript: I can’t wait to read it once you undoubtedly become published! I may demand a signed copy!! LOL I am also ever so glad that your mum was diagnosed early enough and that she had such an amazing medical team that was able to get her on her current road to recovery. That must have been a tough and scary time…. I’m sure it will still be tough for her while recovering… But I’d wager the worst is over now. *Knock Wood.*

I agree as well that resolutions are silly in the way that they should be made throughout the year instead of attributed to an arbitrary date. This year I do have some goals I wish to achieve moving forward that I had been thinking “when I get to Wisconsin” would need to be the starting point for most things. It just so happened that we literally arrived in our new house on New Years Day. So I suppose this time I really will be doing “New Year New Me” – though I’ve always held disdain for that phrase. I hold disdain for most phrases of that caliber. “Let go and let God,” for instance royally grates on my nerves. Anyway, I digress…

Any goals I have I will save for my new bucket list type post now that I closed off the last one… so we won’t go there now.



  1. I’m delighted that my modest little post triggered a whole post in response from you. Your year certainly seems to have been more eventful than mine was. It’s been great connecting with new personalities here on WordPress and I hope to connect with a tonne more this year. I’d just like to say thank you for your support where my blog is concerned too. I appreciate it more than you could know πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you are delighted by this 😊 I suppose it has been pretty eventful …especially throwing in everything I didn’t mention like getting my ass beat at the jiu jitsu comps and the shark tank… and my St. John stuff… but I bet if you think back there’s probably quite a bit of seemingly every day stuff that could be considered as eventful 😊 I hope to make more good connections as well this coming year… and what can I say? I truely believe you and your blog are worthy of success and all I can do is my small part in supporting and sharing in the attempt to help ☺️


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