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Holy shit you guys!!!!!! I found two of me and Anneke’s notebooks from Gymnasium! It’s not all I had, but I thought I had lost them all completely! Maybe I’m remembering wrong and she actually did send me a couple of hers…. edit: nope it clearly states on page one of kitty journal that I bought it because it was my turn to keep it!

I also found me and Svea’s movie idea notebook (I think I’ve mentioned before)…. 

Storage delivery today has pleased me to no end!!! Ahhhhhhh!

Oh and one more thing… me and Anneke at camp, Summer 1999:

I’m in the sunglasses, she’s the one next to me on the right in the kerchief ☺️

I also have many more mementos and pictures to share with you shortly 😊


9 thoughts on “OMG OMG OMG!!!”

    1. Some of it was pure nonsense… especially considering it’s 33 year old me looking back at my teenage silliness… but some of it was enlightening reminding me of things that happened I forgot completely about… I mention one such thing in the next post which I’m going to elaborate on soon after having spoken to the guy involved to clarify some things this morning ☺️

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      1. You haven’t lived if you didn’t do/say silly things as a teen/young adult. I’ve got dad’s of me and my mates back when I was in my early twenties and I cringe whenever I watch them. How I had friends I’ll never know!

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