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Treasures; or a second Christmas

I received my storage delivery yesterday as you will have noticed from my gleeful outburst last night. I have taken mondo amounts of pictures to share with you all so I think I’m going to have to break it into at least two posts. Today I will start with stuff to do with friends/me as a teen – next time I’ll do family related stuff and me as an adorable child 😉

As a pre-note: a lot of my High School pictures were affected during Hurricane Katrina and I had to cut off damaged bits – so they are sometimes cut in odd shapes to preserve the main focus of the pictures. Hence why many of them were pasted into scrapbooks 😉

Look! I found more of my ripped jeans pictures! Loved those things… I took these pictures for my friend back in the US (I’ve mentioned him as “Adam” here before) after he had sent me some updated pictures of himself 🙂 This was the second half of senior year (2002) when I was living with the missionaries.

I’ve also written about this night before, though I think I’ve made it private on the blog – it’s in the book though – this is the night I went to a Marine party with “Calle” – His sister is the one with a guy clearly leering down her top… He’s the one with the beach ball.

Night out at The Monkey Bar with Svea, Nico, and “Linus” (oh well you’ll see in another picture his name is actually Felix.)

Look! I also found more pictures from that day with Maja… There she is with her coffee 😉

Last post I added a picture of me and Anneke at camp – this is the same camp the next year. One year was a 70s picnic, the next year we did a “Western” BBQ… So this is me doing that with Lene. Anneke was there too… just don’t seem to have pictures of her rednecked up 😛

Maja sent me some yearbook pictures last night (FINALLY!) – This is First Year before I met her. I was in IB with Lene and Anneke and Svea was in EN… Oh take note the Korean guy just below her – his name was Bjung Man… annnd… I just discovered my grad cap yesterday:

Byung Man wrote: I love your Ass! – B/Man… The note next to it was my friend Amanda starting off noting that perhaps she should check out my ass more thoroughly LOL

I had such a crush on B/Man… He never knew. He was a really cool guy. I remember he snowboarded and was on the cover of a sports magazine due to his skills.

More grad pics (I’ve posted some previously) – Felix and I at the Champagne Breakfast, Anneke and I after Utspringen… a Card I received… and Champagne breakfast in the park – Felix and Svea are in this picture.


Written about him before… “Will.”

Bike riding with Anneke 🙂

Oooo Fancy Emma – at the Senior Prom with Mikael when I was in 9th grade (1998) and after going to my friend’s Studentskiva (grad party formal) – 2002

Hanging out on the tables in the halls at school… with Maja as ever 😉

Partying with the Marines… I THINK this was the night I went with Dan… When I wrote about being on the shores of Lidingö.  

Ok, there’s one last thing I wanted to share with you guys today. I found this in the journals between me and Anneke last night. I was surprised as I didn’t recall ever telling John about any of my past with men. I mentioned it when I spoke to Maja last night and she said she remembers John legitimately being angry over whatever I told him… She remembers him yelling about men aren’t supposed to “treat a bird that way!”

…Holy fuck… what did I admit to? I never told anyone else… all my BFFs confirm I never told them before writing my first manuscript… No wonder he later came and told me that he would “take care” of any guy that hurt me. I do remember that… I do remember thinking it was out of the blue… But clearly there was some history behind that…


Ok…next time… more pictures! Yaaay!


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