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Treasures #2 – Family etc

Like Mother like Daughter… Let’s start this trip down memory lane with pictures of how dang CA-UTE I was as a small child… Haha!


In Paris…’85ish I think? I just love how I’m holding my own leash like… I’ll take my own damn self for a walk HAHA


I don’t think I’ve ever not had a Pooh bear to huggle…

I must admit I am adorbs… LOL so that’s me one Halloween as Rainbow Brite, at Disney World meeting one of my heroes – Tigger. I don’t know what was going on in the next picture… but now I’m sad I don’t have those slippers in my size anymore. Super cute… and warm looking… Last picture was at my Grandma’s house in Maryland. When the dog, Buffy, died they told me he had “walked off to Heaven” or something to that effect… 😦


So this is my Grandpa Sam apparently. I guess he went by Grant? I met him once when I was like 3 years old… I found a couple pictures of that visit …but he never met my sisters and I don’t remember him… he didn’t seem to care much. The picture said this woman is “Judy” his girlfriend of the time (1984) according to my Dad…. Not my Grandma. He only just died within the past few years…


This is my Beautiful Grandma Jean (and her daughter, my Aunt Christi) I’ve been told multiple times I look like her when she was young…

Other treasures from that side of the family… these were made by “Mary Margaret” my great, great, great Grandmother on my Grandma’s side, and her daughter my great, great Grandmother Josephine.

Speaking of great great great grandparents- this is great great great grandfather (on my mum’s side) in Axmarsby, Sweden 

Jukkasjärvi in the Arctic Circle/Sweden – in a Lappish hut about to have reindeer stew (sooo good) it belonged to the man that took us dog sledding… (actually that was a few hours away from Jukkasjärvi) aaand the last picture… I clearly had had enough of …something. Not even making snow angels hahaha

The first couple of photos from our initial trip down to Denmark… Little mermaid in Copenhagen. The Diddl card was a birthday card from Sven of whom I met on that trip… The other cards were handmade by his grandmother. She gifted them to me when i visited later on my own.


I just love this picture my dad took… He likes to fancy himself an artistic photographer… ok ok he’s pretty good at it… Thooouuugh… He did have a thing about Star Trek ….


I still have that Bajoran  earring…


Another artistic pic… of my young thang of a mum 😉


Me as Feyedka for Fiddler on The Roof – 9th grade


I… Had totally forgotten that my father had two legit British phone booths shipped back to the US (our house in Front Royal VA)… He got them at some antique store… good condition but no actual phones left.

My family always wrote 2 newsletters a year while we were traveling… My dad bound them all (1984-2005) into hardbound books for me and each of my sisters – personalizing the covers and title pages. I have included an excerpt I wrote, which I must say displays some of my raw writing talent… HAHAHA I literally LOL every time I read this… I am such a NICE big sister! 😛

This is me, senior year, visiting my mum and two sisters in the US over Christmas holidays… with my sister’s cat Maruk. Clearly I’m having none of his shit where it comes to my panties… errr …”Knickers” for my British readers 🤣 And yes, those are thongs. It’s what I wore primarily back then.

Side note: I found Anneke at that second camp… we were having an all out brawl/cat fight. In jest, of course… but I clearly won 😉 ….and at that same camp, I’m stuck in the tyres… clearly not working as well as when I was younger as above…

And lastly I forgot to add these to the last post… I always loved these pics of Anneke and Lene:

Ok so I have a handful more pictures, but I think I’ve covered things pretty well… Maybe I’ll share those other ones another time… so for now I’ll leave you with one last OMG RAE WAS SUCH A CUUUUTE BABY!! Hahaha 😉



8 thoughts on “Treasures #2 – Family etc”

  1. I never tire of looking at old photos and home videos. I was so pissed off a few months back when I tried one of our family videos in the video player and it wouldn’t play. I was all ready to laugh at six year old me and disappointed I couldn’t

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    1. My dad was obsessive with home videos… they turned out pretty good quality by the time I was a teen… I did find the case of DVDs he had made of all the old family videos… I’ll have to sit and watch some again once my house is finally settled… I too love looking at old photos… ☺️ and sorry to hear of the issue with your video… I’d be pissed off too!!

      Liked by 1 person

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