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Rhyan’s Rainbow

One of my most amazing professors at Uni – Beth Beverly – had her middle child Rhyan born with a Congenital Heart Defect. Not only did Beth inspire me to continue to pursue the sciences (she was my Anatomy and Physiology 1, Anatomy and Physiology 2, and my Medical Microbiology Professor) she even gave me a 0.5 point extra credit when she found out that I got the job on the Pediatric Cardiology Ward! (Haha she is a notorious non-giver of extra credit 😛 ) At least she said she planned to – I don’t know if it actually made it on the books LOL.

I have a high respect for Dr Beverly – she is a Doctor that specializes in the heart, last I knew, and previously the kidneys if I recall correctly. She has a fascination with microbiology and one day hopes to have a “pet” nematode. Hahaha! I feel like the name she said she would use is “Herman” should she ever get one… LOL But I might be misremembering that fact.

Anyway, the reason for this post is as follows – Beth’s mother has written a book, and I will let Beth herself explain it to you:

“Until it was out on market and official, I haven’t said anything…Most of you know my mother, Betty Brantley, left her job when Rhyan was born to help us with all of her care. She dedicated countless hours to finding ways to help Rhyan learn. Knowing she would be delayed, our goal was to never treat her different. One thing they constantly did was to write stories in effort to help Rhyan’s short term memory loss which she suffers from. It’s a battle. About a year ago, Betty decided to try and get one of the stories published for other kids to enjoy. I’m so proud to say Rhyan’s Rainbow is published, and on the market to purchase via Amazon. Take a look, and please share to help get the word out. This is a long time in the making. Rhyan wouldn’t be where she is now without the day in and day out work. My heart is full.”

So please check it out. Buy it for the preschooler or unicorn fanatic in your life… 😉

Can be purchased through Amazon here.


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