Once again I’ve been honoured to be nominated for a blog award – the lovely blog award – by the amazingly talented and sweet Paul E. Bailey. Such a flatterer that one 😛 Thank you, Paul 😊


1. Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog

2. Post about the award

3. Share 7 facts about yourself

4. Nominate, AT MOST, 15 people

5. Tell your nominees the good news!

I suppose this should be one of the easier ones since I don’t have to think up questions… but I do have to think about facts about myself I’ve hopefully not revealed before… and let’s face it – I’ve pretty much revealed my whole life to you people!! 😂

But here goes…

1. I knew the Australian National anthem before I knew the US one –  even though I am American – given that we sung it weekly at school in Australia.

2. My first real fear was to die in a fire… I had such nightmares as a kid about it… the extension of that was the fear of fireworks. They fucking freak me out. I can watch them on TV or from a great distance… but I cannot abide by being anywhere remotely near them. I can put on a brave face and calm myself these days… but still. I’ve told the story of Sven taking me on a rooftop to watch fireworks overhead… terror. Clenched fists. No direct eye contact. It was terrible… and I was a grown woman at the time. Eeesh.

3. I still sometimes wish I had gotten my degree in international relations and political science like I first considered straight out of high school. I wanted to study linguistics as well… I had so many interests I let fall to the wayside that I wish I hadn’t.

4. If I finish my RN degree, I hope to go on to get my Masters in midwifery

5. In Australia I had various citrus trees and I would can my own lemon curd, mandarin curd, marmalades, etc… kind of sad I don’t still have a lemon tree at the very least. I could eat lemon curd with a spoon!

6. I have never had a brand new car. I’ve been driving since I was 15 and 9 months (the earliest I could get a drivers license in VA) and it’s been 19ish years with no brand new car… that’s a damn shame! (Yeah yeah first world problem I know…)

7. Errrrm…. uhhhhh…. I can come up with a last one, surely? Oh, ok… how about: I am one of those people that let a lot slide. I’ll put up with a lot and internalise my anger or hurt or whatever for awhile. If someone keeps pushing my buttons; however, I will eventually blow a gasket and become VERY loud and explosive much to  their surprise. In that state I will have no issue telling them exactly what I think of them. This process usually takes months or years depending on how horrible the person has been to me. Thus the surprise – the shock and awe effect is pretty satisfying when I’m breathing fire 😏 …this has only happened a handful of times in my life, to be clear.

Ok, as far as nominating others… Paul has already nominated my usual go to blogs… my favourites for the most part which also clearly includes his blog. I feel like this will just end up being a circular pattern if we all keep going back and forth with any given blog award… so I have gone through the effort to go back through my followers and those that I follow, but perhaps don’t keep up with as much as I should (which I probably would if I had more time!!) and chose some standouts from there…

Dairies of a Scatterbrain

The Indecisive Eejit


Don’t Mind Me, Just Sipping Tea…

Thrice Read

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Writings By Ender


As always, no pressure to participate 🙂




  1. Congratulations to all those you nominated and I’ll have a look at those who I don’t follow already. I liked your facts. Never owned a new car either. Never been able to afford it and the finance route just always seems too much of a risk for me.Money is something I don’t like to play fast and loose with. National anthems…blaaaaaaaah! Fucking hate them! I hate patriotism in general. It’s such a false thing to have pride in. When this world goes pop we’re all going regardless of what bit of land with an imaginary border we live in. One day we might all realise that it’s all a load of utter nonsense and dispel the notion of “nations”. Or all die out before then…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grrr WordPress keeps acting up when I try to respond… so I’ll be brief: same I’d rather not finance or at least finance only minimally because I like to pay outright, but also don’t want to clean out my savings. Hubby has had a brand new car before… and regardless tends to get newer nicer cars anyway than me which makes me a bit jealous tbh… but this car I’m getting in a bit over a week is a 2010 and very nice – the newest I think I’ve ever had! Woo! Lol… National anthems: I agree to an extent. While I think it’s nice to have some pride in where you are from/your heritage; anthems seem outdated and pompous to me… reminiscent of imperial times.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will get a new car eventually. I’d rather pay on finance and get the peace of mind knowing that I’m not driving something that’s likely to break in so many months time. I’m so tired of waiting for something to go wrong.
        “God Save the Queen” is a perfect example of a pompous National Anthem (it’s actually the British National Anthem, not the English one. England doesn’t officially have one). We’ll have to agree to disagree on national pride. I can’t be proud of Britain winning world wars and so on because I didn’t do anything about them and have never fully understood their reasons. Plus war is fucking stupid! It was necessary in the dark ages, but not nowadays. I’m proud of achievements by British people, but I’m proud of achievements by “foreigners” too. I just think being a human citizen of earth is something to be more proud of than being born within a boundary set down by people we never knew and were likely only doing it for their own personal gain


      • Well I wouldn’t say I’m proud of my country’s wars etc …I think more along the lines of heritage pride… like I’m a US citizen obviously, but I’m proud of my Swedish heritage. I love folk stories and legends, I love old Swedish art and feel a small sense of pride when Sweden has cool innovations or achievements. Same with the US in general – though I also feel a sense of shame when we royally fuck something up too… because fact is most of the world does see borders and a lot of people make assumptions about the person I am based off of what citizenship I have…

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      • I know I’m immediately judged as a white Englishman and put in a category before one truly gets to know me and that pisses me off. I make a point not to prejudge anybody based on country of origin/residence or skin colour because that’s about as consequential to the kind of person one is as what they ate for lunch. Preconceptions make me mad. I get what you mean about the heritage and all that and I suppose some things make me feel national pride to a degree, but I will never pledge allegiance to any sort of fabric with a pattern on it. I’m not a proud Brit. I’m barely a Brit at all because I’m just not that bothered about the place

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well if you’re not bothered about Britain then you should just move here… same same, no? Lol then we can be besties and do all the things besties do! Bahaha no but srsly… you should totes look up plane ticket prices…. 😋 and yes I totally get what you mean about prejudgement. Usually it’s so contradictory to what the person is saying- they don’t want to be prejudged by stereotypes yet they do it back on other people. Nobody’s perfect and we all see things through different eyes- through the lenses of our personal experiences- why can’t we all just take that into account, attempt to understand each other and then fucking get along even if we disagree?? Siiiggghhhh


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