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Calling on Vlad

I knocked on the door, a little apprehensive as I had never been to Vladimir’s house. I was apprehensive mostly because I had a bit of a crush on him and we had never really worked closely for school projects before. He, along with most of the 5 other dudes in our class, tended to work together when they had the choice. Just depended, I suppose.

This time it was a group that comprised me, Vlad, and John… really there were one or two others required for our scenes – but we were the three major characters and needed the majority of rehearsal together if we were to perform the finale of our class’ “Death and Destruction” production for the Shakespeare day competition at our school.

It was a compilation of some of the major death scenes found in Shakespeare’s plays. Romeo and Juliet died, Julius Caesar died… a couple others I can’t recall… then we finished with Othello as there were 4 or 5 deaths all around the end of that play.

As sweet and mild mannered as Vlad seemed, he made for a good Iago. (He also made for a good Mob boss when we did Bullets Over Broadway the next year… hmmm…) I was Desdemona and John was Othello.

We arranged for the three of us to meet at Vlad’s house – I don’t think many of our classmates went there as far as I could tell. I’m not sure why – perhaps it was his mother who couldn’t speak English or Swedish… Perhaps he was embarrassed; perhaps he was just very private – I have a feeling it was the latter.

I arrived first and after the trek on Stockholm’s public transport I decided I would need to use the facilities before getting too far into our day’s work.

He welcomed me in, introduced me briefly to his mother – letting me know she only spoke their native tongue – and informing me that John had not arrived yet.

“Ok cool… Before we get started though I need to use your toilet…” Looking down the halls on each side, I asked “Where might I find it?”

With deadpan seriousness he replied “Oh, we don’t have a toilet… We have to go outside.”

A blank stare was on my unamused face. In my mind, when one needs to use the facilities there is no room for attempts at humour. (Though I must say at any other time deadpan delivery of a dry humour does otherwise usually amuse me…. Many years later I had a friend, Roman, that had perfected the art of such. He made me giggle to no end.)

“Seriously, Vlad. There is no way there is not a bathroom in this house. Where is it?”

He protested that it was true and feigned hurt that I didn’t trust his word.

“Clearly you are a guy that has access to a bathroom – besides which there’s no way they’d build a house in first world Sweden without hygienic facilities.”

“It’s an old house,” he said. “And I just have to hike up the hill to our neighbor’s house for my shower in the mornings…. We have an arrangement.”

If he was trying to frustrate me, he was succeeding. This exchange continued for a good ten minutes it seemed. Well past the acceptable joke length anyway. It lasted till I emphatically assured him I would piss on his floor if he did not come clean as to the whereabouts of his guest WC. I’m also relatively certain I told him I had no issue wandering his house, peeking in every room until I found it.

Finally. FINALLY. He showed me where to go. With a begrudging tone, I thanked him and did as I needed.

That day John never did show up… We waited for a time before I texted him and he said he’d be on his way… and then eventually that he was held up and wouldn’t be coming. I sighed. In all honesty – I was looking forward to working with John too.

Vlad and I worked on our bits together and then we helped each other by reading John’s lines as necessary for a basic run through of lines… and then we gave up.

Too bad I couldn’t make more of time alone with Vlad… not that I could have made much happen with his mum in the house Haha… but still. As much as that boy aggravated me that day, I still found him on the whole charming.

All that being said… ESb is looking for you Vlad. Periodically we discuss amongst ourselves on Facebook about what the hell happened to you – I know Howard, Myself, and Mahan at the very least have tried to look you up… so Vladimir Kaplarevic from ESb at Kungsholmens (2002) if you are out there… (or anyone knows him) looks us up!

**I’ve written a little about being a Desdemona before… check it out if you haven’t done 🙂 And on Monday I’ll tell you about John being my Othello 😉


5 thoughts on “Calling on Vlad”

  1. I wouldn’t have lasted ten minutes. It’d have been a case of “tell me where the fucking bog is now or I swear I’ll piss in your mouth”. I’d have done it too had they carried on cajoling.
    As for friends disappearing into the ether, my mate Jim has done just that. Gotta have been over a year since I last heard from the man and I’m finding it somewhat disconcerting because I know what a little hothead he is. There’s a very genuine chance the guy could be dead :-/

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    1. The thought has crossed my mind that he could have passed… but he was like immediately out of touch with everyone directly after graduation. I genuinely think he was just like “I’m out” and didn’t feel the need to keep school days connections. I know one or two people like that… but it’s been so long so who knows… I don’t think he was a hot head or anything, but to be fair I didn’t know much about him outside of school… he was cool, but quiet/private so who knows. It is disconcerting for a friend to suddenly not be hearing from a friend like that… hope that’s not the case with yours… sometimes people just walk away. Inconsiderate and a douche move… but hopefully that’s all it is (minor in comparison to dying anyway!!)

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      1. I wasn’t suggesting your friend might have passed. Just mine. He really is…was a bit of a nutter. Used to go to underground fight clubs for the thrill. He was a tattooist and would tattoo himself with whatever took his fancy at the time. I was round at his house one evening having a beer, he came in from the kitchen and twatted me over the head with a frying pan. I was out one Christmas eve with him, I went over to say hello and he wrestled me to the ground thinking I was starting on him. He’s a fucking head case! And I love the little psycho! The fact that he could actually be dead is very genuine and I hope I’m worrying over nothing

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I know you weren’t suggesting my friend had passed, I suppose I wasn’t clear with my response – but it is a wonder I’ve had for a few people that I can’t find. This day and age it shouldn’t be so difficult unless of course they are that private and careful not to use social media… hmmm… anyway your friend does sound a bit nuts! And your concerns are legitimate… but maybe one day he’ll show up on your doorstep and tell you he has been on an extremely long bender…. lol


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