And now a word from our sponsors…

I already have two regular posts scheduled for this week – one tomorrow, well in a few hours… and another two days later.

But in the meantime I thought I’d do a little more promotional work on the behalf of a friend. I like to support my friends, you’ve no doubt gathered if you’ve been following me for awhile.

Since I recently spoke of him, and I also spoke to him this morning – his site being mentioned in said discussion – I realised I had supported his site on Facebook, but not here.

Please, everyone, go visit my good buddy JR’s Wildlife Photography Facebook Page! He is a ranger and freelance photographer in South Africa – he recently won Best of Africa’s Best Bird Image 2016:


He captures some truly amazing shots (both the bird and the lion are his pictures) – he is totally worth checking out and the follow! Give my guy some love! 🙂

While I’m here being all promotional and shit – it’s been awhile since I’ve asked, begged, pleaded… I need reviews for my book on Amazon. There have been over 100 downloads, especially early on during the free download promotion, but only 8 reviews. Remember:


So please, please help this indie author out and give me some reviews – and, hey, download or buy the paperback if you haven’t already and then leave a review!

The book can be found here. – and for those that may not be sure about it, here are the current reviews on Amazon… See? Worth at least the $2.99 (USD) download at least, right? 😉


I swear I don’t know all of these people LOL Anyway – I rarely try to bring attention to my book, but I do hope that you all can help a girl out a bit! Especially before I eventually get this next manuscript out to the public. Please and Thank You Lovelies :*



    • True true… it was disheartening honestly when the book first came out I did the free download promotion and just asked in lieu of payment just help me out by remembering to review it on Amazon… got way more downloads than I expected and, like, 2 reviews out of it… sigh. Keep asking periodically… rarely see the benefit of it. But as you say no one else is tripping on themselves to promote me so I got to try at least…

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      • It isn’t hard to leave a review. Nobody expects paragraphs of words. But then we’re talking about people who find reading blog posts a couple of thousand words long too much effort, so they’re not likely to risk the strain of actually typing out comments. Though I’m pretty much over the support from friends thing now, as a post I’ll be putting up next week will clearly show

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      • That’s the thing it’s just not hard, and I don’t expect all stellar reviews.., as you can see the two that aren’t five stars aren’t even bad, but clearly minimal effort was taken… I just need to numbers! And naturally I’d hope everyone liked it! Sometimes I feel like I support my friends way more than they ever support me. Not all… there are a couple that clearly support me… but still. I put too much effort for others that don’t put effort towards me. Even in general friendships, not just regarding our individual endeavours. I thought about writing a post along those lines, but don’t want to be a whiner…


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