Emily – The Prequel part 2

The second Prequel to the Emily story! Check it out!! Now I’ll start working on furthering the story past the original post 🙂 Enjoy

Raeavljus Writes

**Trigger Warning: Rape** You can find all parts to Emily’s story HERE

Levi woke and glanced at his clock. It was only 05:32. He flopped his head back on the pillow. He had a dull headache and he needed to piss, but he didn’t want to get up just yet. He turned to look at Emily lying next to him; she was breathing steadily and she looked… so damn beautiful.

His thoughts were still fuzzy, but he remembered at least that he had invited her to stay in his bed. He mentally kicked himself for allowing himself to appear vulnerable to her. It was one thing to admit the general facts of his being prone to depression and quite another to let her actually see him in that state.

He felt like he was slowly losing more and more control in that regard. For the most part his days consisted…

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  1. Well this is a comment to Part 1&2.

    This is a very well written story. Emily and Levi are both very real. My heart breaks for both of them, but what Levi did is just dispicable. Maybe the depression and the after affects of drinking are to blame. It certainly won’t help his mental state. I am off to read the original Emily post next. I don’t know what is going to happen. Poor poor Emily. If I were her I think I would be a crying mess. I’d certainly feel guilty even if I was not at fault and she definitely is not at fault.

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