St Valentines vs St Patricks

Well, it’s that time of year again… St Patrick’s day?? WHAT?? I started seeing St Patrick’s day stuff in Walmart last week… NOOOOOoooooooo! Then I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed today:


…Of which I would totally rock if it weren’t clearly St Patrick’s day related. Ugh. I used to love St Patrick’s day. To be honest, though I had an initial feeling of shock and a sinking feeling when I saw the Walmart display, this year it doesn’t feel so bad. I think I’m not nearly as affected by the thought of it as years past. My writing over the past couple of years has really helped release the pent up emotions.Β  That being said, I’m not so sure I’m willing to pull the trigger on actually buying any related merchandise or drinking the green beer or what have you.

Instead I have decided this year to embrace Valentines day in the first instance – lemme celebrate another Saint more fervently… Mmmkaaay? Haha it has been many many years since I even remotely cared about Valentines day.

It used to bother me as a teen when I (usually) did not have a boyfriend to share such a day with… No one to call my Valentine. I got over that quick enough. Once I was married it mattered even less and I preferred not to fight crowds to go out for dinner or whatever. My birthday is exactly a week prior so we tend to do dinner and/or something special then and it’s not much worth doing anything a week later.

That being said, I got a little nostalgic for the old days today while being naughty and looking at the Valentines Lularoe leggings… (I spend too much money on Lularoe…) All the pink and red and hearts… They reminded me of birthdays when I was a kid. My mum almost always made my birthdays Valentine themed. I almost always had a heart shaped cake. She kept the same card stock hearts for use many years in a row. I was around 12 the last time I had a themed party like that. Come to think of it, I don’t recall many full parties as a teenager – usually scaling back and doing just something special with a couple of close friends.

Sooo… Anyway, I was naughty and actually did order some fun Lularoe Valentine leggings (as I munched on Valentine caramel kisses as above LOL)… check them out!


These are so me… Reminds me of classic artistry – Art Nouveau reminiscent


Kiss my ass… Haha! Love that there are little Xs all over too πŸ˜‰

I tend to not go overboard with pinks and hearts and all of that sappy girly stuff – so hopefully I’ll find that I have a top or two to go with these …oooor… I’ll have to take another gander or two at Lularoe pages haha.

Okay, wait I lied… I do like hearts – when in the Scandinavian decor type style… which by the way, I went around looking for stuff to take pictures of and I realised I had much more than I realised – and I my full shipment isn’t even here yet… Wondering if I’ll have more soon… LOL:


Well this is actually a picture from Australia – those items aren’t here yet πŸ˜›

Ok Ok I know that last one is Pennsylvania Dutch – but still it works with the themes. Lol Oh and look! Totes having Heart shaped pancakes for Valentines… Oh, no… WAIT! My mum just sent me a Swedish waffle maker for my birthday and you know what?! Swedish waffles are shaped like little hearts!! πŸ˜€


Like so! (Image from

So anyway – this year Yay for Valentines season! Because HEARTS! and CHOCOLATE! aaand… it probably won’t go any further than this blog post for me in all honesty. But it’s been nice to distract myself with a more upbeat holiday within this relatively close time period… Ok ok I know many would disagree with me as far as Valentines vs St Patricks and what would be more upbeat… Lonely hearts vs drinking …though… hmmmm… Same difference? Haha.

But in my mind space where it comes to March 17th, pink and red and hearts and chocolate and waffles… Well, nicer thoughts for me anyway.

Now! Onto one other completely unrelated topic… I also realised how many winter hats I have – and again, not all of them have arrived yet! I’m still not sure beanies work for me… I really want to find a hat like my old one from when I was a teen… I loved how loose it was yet it still covered my ears as needed but still fell nicely – does that make sense?


So anyway, I realised this and then took a bunch of pictures for y’all’s benefits – and am much too lazy to make a different blog post about it! Haha…

Yes, yes I have a Dr Pepper shirt… I’m sure now Maja and Svea will laugh hysterically about that… But I would like to point out that Jason – YES! MY HUSBAND! – bought that for me for Christmas. He was amused with himself. (Those of you that have followed me for awhile will know that it is a reference to a taste from a blow job during a one night stand I had many, many years ago…)

Also I’d like to tell you guys I saw a teen boy at Walmart with one of these types of hats


except… EXCEPT… instead of a pompom on the top, it had a freakin’ MOHAWK. OMG I want it so bad and I had to control myself from running up and scaring the poor youth to ask him where he got it LMAO

Now, that is plenty for tonight… So. Next Time? SCARVES! (Haha well, MAYBE I’ll spare you my sizeable scarf collection… Maybe. πŸ˜› )



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