Literary Antiquities

Fuuuuuccccckkkk….. Siiiigh. I meant to publish this here, but didn’t realise I was on the wrong window until I was done and starting to categorise, Gosh. No way am I copy and pasting and resetting all these images after all this work! Soooo…. Reblog! Haha at least it’s remotely relateable to my fiction site… smh

Raeavljus Writes

I’ve been slowly working on a post that I hope to have up soon enough… But I got distracted by receiving my household goods today – and within there were all my antique books!

Being the literary geek I am, let alone the antique geek, I immediately thought “Yaaay! I have to post about is on my blog!”

I love the thought of a book having been well loved, perhaps read many many times over… I love, for the most part, the smell of musty old books. The scent of knowledge; it should be bottled.

So, if you will bear with me – I’d like to show you my treasures 🙂

img_3013 My collection of Cherry Ames; Nurse and Vicki Barr; Flight Attendant books – ranging from the 1940s to 1960s… and if you’ll notice to the side an old copy of Winnie the Pooh

img_3014 Junior Classics – My husband just…

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