Falling down

It’s been awhile since Dissident Girl posted… and for good reason. This is a long post, but a powerful one and she needs some support from our community right now I’d wager. Please go over and give her some love.

***EDIT: I just noticed the link disappeared for this reblog. I’m leaving this here anyway in case she ever decides to come back – but it appears as if she has made her blog private and I honestly wouldn’t blame her for likely feeling the need to… This is just FYI for those that may wonder what the heck I’m talking about with no link to follow 😉 ***

Dissident Girl

I have been quiet for a while. This is why.

This is a necessarily long post and I make no apologies for that. It also discusses suicide and self harm. I don’t apologise for that either. These are things that need to be said.

It was written contemporaneously, although I am not posting it quite so. When I started writing it was intended as a diary entry to myself only, but became something else, and I think it’s worth sharing – I can’t be the only one affected by experiences like these.

I hope you are able to listen.

Today is very nearly a year since I left/fled/escaped my abuser. I’m not where I hoped or imagined I’d be by now, and for that reason I feel a failure. In many ways I feel like I’m in a much worse place than a year ago. Objectively, although I am now…

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