Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Tea Time (A Real Life Story)

You know me, I love real life memory stories… and look! Mr Bailey has taken a break from fiction and opinion to write one… sure sounds like fun…makes one want to revisit your spontaneous youth and do something a bit silly with your besties, no?

Paul.E.Bailey's World

Image header of Bispham Kitchen from Trip Advisor.

I don’t remember exactly how it came about. All I know is that we were a massively spontaneous bunch back in those halcyon days. It was often we’d do things spur of the moment and this particular evening was no exception.

It was November 2004 and we were all hungry. I say we meaning Mike (Munch), Adam and myself. We decided it’d be a great idea to go all the way to Blackpool and have tea (dinner to all you posh folk) at Bispham Kitchen. Of course, it would never do with just three of us so we got in touch with our friends Alan (Potter) and Matt (Sully) and brought them along too. The final addition was a video camera. Why wouldn’t we want to film all of this and put it on DVD? No; Munch really did put this…

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