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Let Me Entertain You

Last time I mentioned once again my dream part (Rizzo in Grease) and alluded to my love of Broadway again as well. As such I decided today I will talk about some other favorite parts of mine I would love to have done or maybe… One day do… Really I’ll be talking about specific musical numbers I would love to be involved in, the parts themselves often being an aside.

Originally I thought I’d make it a list of five… But then… Fuck man, I can’t keep it that low! So it’s doubled! I suppose I could have split this into two posts… but… Oh well.

ย 1. Dream Part: Rizzo
I already shared the song I most connect with that Rizzo sings last time – “There are Worse things I Could Do” – but she as a whole is a role I want to play, so to represent her I will add here the next song I would love to perform while reprising that role – “Sandra Dee”. To be honest, I in general am not the kind of person that is a mean girl as such, but I won’t deny I have had such a streak run through me in certain cases now and again. I believe this is another performance I could give legitimacy to. Especially given my tendency to have disdain for the overly goodie two-shoes types:

2. My otherwise Favorite Musical: Kiss Me, Kate
I have loved this show since I was 8 years old and I even got to see it in the Kennedy Center when I was 18. This is one that I would love to be in either as Lilli Vanessi/Kate or Lois Lane/Bianca. For now I am going to share two songs (I couldn’t pare it down further tbh) displaying the Lois Lane character singing a song as well as Lois as Bianca singing a song. Honorable mentions though would be Lilli/Kate’s performances of “I Hate Men” (as Kate) and “Wunderbar” (as Lilli.) I would also totally dig doing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” if I were a dude, haha.

First off is Lois singing “Always True to You,” which I honestly connect with as well… Sometimes it feels like I am “true” to a man “in my fashion,” though others may view it as not genuine or something perhaps. I’m not sure how to explain it. But it’s like when I had to backtrack with Dane when I explained that I was seeing Dan, Sven (and Timmy) at the same time. I wasn’t actually cheating ever it was just an overlap of time periods and casual dating etc… Anyway, here you go:

Secondly, Bianca on stage singing “Tom, Dick, or Harry.” Such fun, haha. I’m all about the any Tom, Dick, or Harry ๐Ÿ˜‰

3. Next up: Pajama Game!
Pajama Game, while I do enjoy the movie/play as a whole, really does not have me desiring to perform the entire play per se. I do; however, thoroughly enjoy this next song. This is the most fun song to belt out. Don’t believe me? Just try it! No one will laugh at you, I promise… ๐Ÿ˜‰

4. “What a sensational Fucking experience!”
Next is “Just One Step” from Songs For A New World. This is again a production I have no real desire to be in, there are a handful of songs I really enjoy from this production, but maybe it’s the lack of a real story line (it’s a mash up of various character’s stories through song) or maybe it’s the fact that the CD I have for this play was given to me by David… Buuut… Yeah. No real desire to do any of it… except for this song… LOVE this scene. I would totally rock this, believe it or not I can do a decent New York accent when singing along in my car, haha ๐Ÿ˜›

5. Speaking of New York…
This is more of a daydream… Cuz there are minimal female roles in this play, but there are some really good ensemble numbers that would just be cool to be a part of, I think. Now I know what you are about to say… “Disney? Really, Rae??!” But I beg to put before you: Disney musicals are excellent technically speaking. I get it if a particular production isn’t your thing… But professionally speaking, Disney creates and performs musicals to a high standard. That being said – it would be so fun to be a part of the Newsies cast – especially if I could have done so when Christian Bale was a part of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

6. All I Owe
There are very few Broadway songs that relate to any given place that I am attached to in my personal life. Oklahoma being the main one simply because a good chunk of my family on my father’s side live there… But for some reason “All I Owe Ioway” from State Fair (Rogers and Hammerstein) has long been one of my fave songs. Again, a fun song to sing. The only remote connection I have to Iowa is David was from there… Psssh… yeah… but I won’t let that ruin it for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve loved this song since I was a kid regardless.

7. America
On one hand, I cannot remotely pass as Puerto Rican. On the other hand, Natalie Wood played Maria in West Side Story LOL. I am about to state something sacrilegious in the Broadway community, but I actually do not like West Side Story at all. I love the song America and I enjoy numbers with the jets such as “Officer Krupke”… but I literally fast forward the majority of the movie if given the chance. However, if I were a Latina I’d totally try to pull off a role in the “America” scene:

8. I’m so popular…
You Guise… I admit it, I’m a Wicked Geek. I adore Wicked. I would totally take any minute role just to be a part of it… I love “Defying Gravity,” of course but know full well I don’t have the range of Idina to be able to even remotely do it justice. But as a one off, I think it would be fun to walk in Kristen Chenowith’s footsteps and perform “Popular” a la Glenda.

9. Let Me Entertain You
(This is for you Kira… Haha) I think Gypsy Rose Lee can say it best herself:

10. Cell Block Tango
Okay, I will wrap in up here… There are more I am certain I could add. Various songs from Grease and Grease 2, obviously… Songs from various other Rogers and Hammerstein classics… Calamity Jane… 7 Brides For 7 Brothers… But the last one that simply must make my list is “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. It’s a good one for when you are pissed off at your significant other, ladies. Jussayin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, hope you all enjoyed my list. Anyone out there theatre junkies like me or otherwise secretly fancy the idea of being up on stage in a specific role or singing a specific song? (Come on, we all do that at least in the shower if not a serious wish… LOL)


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  1. Fantastic list!! I used to be quite the musical theatre geek as well. I did it throughout middle and high school, and went to a lot of Broadway and West End shows. My absolute dream role has always been Victoria the white cat in Cats. Or if I were a guy, Mister Mistoffelees.

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