Whispers in Their Minds (Emily Part 5)

FINALLY! I finally got on to finishing the next chapter of Emily’s story “Whispers in Their Minds” over on Raeavljus Writes…. Check it out! 🙂

Raeavljus Writes

**Please see all previous parts to this story HERE.

Emily wiped her eyes with her sleeve in between hitting her steering wheel before finally deciding to pull over. She couldn’t see well enough to drive with the cascade of tears flowing through her vision.

She just wanted to get home so she could cry into her own pillow, and down a bottle of vodka or something… She tried to think quickly back to what might even be in her liquor cabinet. She didn’t want to get her heart set on a bottle of Absolut that may or may not be waiting for her when she got home.

She dug through her console looking for a tissue or fast food napkin – whatever she could find to blow her nose into as the snot was starting to tickle around the edge of her nostrils. For all the distress she was…

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