Happy Blogaversary to meeeee :)

Well there you go, I knew it would come up soon but didn’t know the exact date – until WordPress let me know today that my blog is now a toddler! A whole 2 years old!

I honestly didn’t expect I would stick with it this long. It seems to me that blogging is essentially electronic journaling, at least that’s the way I treat it for the most part, and I am notoriously bad at keeping up journals for more than a few months… Those that do last longer usually have large gaps every now and then between entries. Who knew I would love blogging/Wordpress so much? (I did try blogspot years ago and hated it…)

Anyway, I don’t want to harp on too long on this particular subject – there were other things I wanted to discuss which may just have to come in the form of another post later anyway… But first I’d like to point out some interesting (to me) stats from the past two years. These are stats that surprised me, honestly. Not that I thought these particular posts were any less than anything else I might have posted… in fact they certainly aren’t ones that I felt “meh” about after posting; it’s just that there’s so much else that I was really proud of in my 373 posts to date that haven’t done nearly as well. I don’t know why that is, there are so many factors at play I know… But… Huh. Maybe some of what I consider my best really isn’t that interesting to the rest of the population.

To date the post with the most “Likes” is my What Constitutes Cheating post, rounding out at 30. It is also the only one that is consistently viewed at least once a day since I posted it (Dec 30, 2016.) The next closest in numbers of Likes is Scent Memory – but that only made it to approximately half way (16). I wonder what it was specifically about either of those to have them be my top two in likes… I honestly did not expect the Cheating post to go over all that well… I guess more people are like minded to me than I realised (or at the very least respect my opinion on it??)

One thing that I would prefer to see on a post, honestly is shares. I figure maybe many people that liked Cheating may not have necessarily shared it because they too thought their friends and family wouldn’t appreciate such a view… But… Shares are harder to chase up because there is the share button – easy enough to check individual posts that way, but those stats don’t translate to the admin share stats page so I can’t compare as easily what may be the most shared nor do I get notifications as to when old posts get shared to keep on top of such things… However:

My best day for views was February 13, 2016 at 183 total views – because there were 126 views on Greetings Proud Sons of Rome that day (the post itself has had 198 views overall). That post was written in August the year before, but was brought to the limelight when a fan of The Golden One brought it to his attention and he shared it on his Facebook page. There were only three Likes, but 21 Facebook shares via the button. That is just about the highest I’ve noticed on a post to date. The only other one that I’ve noticed is a close second is Heed the Warning: The Handmaid’s Tale coming in at 20 FB shares.

Then I might as well mention to you that the post with the most comments has been Cooking Sherry Shots with 83.

It just boggles my mind that I started this blog with no followers, no readers lined up and it’s just been steadily growing. I do have aims of one day breaking over the 1000 follower mark, as it stands I am close to half way there after two years… Maybe if I keep trudging along it will continue to grow till I meet that goal πŸ™‚

Anyway… I feel like maybe this occasion deserves cake… or at least a romantic evening drinking some wine in front of the faint glow of my computer screen… While I whisper softlyΒ  “Happy Blogaversary to you too, WordPress…”

Don’t judge our love.

29 thoughts on “Happy Blogaversary to meeeee :)”

      1. Awwwww…I’m sure you will not let me down in the slightest. I’m also looking forward to our nerd fest (aka Look At All My Old Books) in the future!

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  1. Two years of writing what’s going on in your head and allowing strangers to cast judgement over it. Bravery comes in many forms. Haha. I’ve never cared to check how many shares any given post has accrued, but I do believe I could do with more of them to get the good word spread. Congratulations on making it to two years and I hope your fantastic work continues!

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    1. Brave nuthin’ …don’t you know I’m loco, ese? Hahaha nut seriously, thank you 😊 I don’t keep a super close eye on the shares, but when I notice them it’s nice to realise someone liked it enough to share with their friends πŸ˜‰

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