Initial Announcement 

Check out my writing plans… tell me what you think… I’ve got initial mock ups of covers for each of these upcoming projects. Well, except the online romance one that hasn’t been started yet… Hopefully I’ll be able to finish these in a timely manner along with the rewrite of book #1 (I Will Not Live In Vain – title may change as well) …and hopefully you all will enjoy my efforts!

Raeavljus Writes

Hey guys, guess what?! I’ve got a fiction book in the works. In fact, I will be working on three different manuscripts…

I’ll be continuing the Zarah children’s book, an online romance type novel (I’ll be working on that in conjunction with a male author friend of mine – I’ll explain more of that in time), and as you can see from the image – a collection of domestic abuse relationship stories called “It Will Never Happen Again” … this will include the Grace Story (will likely rename), Whispers in Their Minds, and 2 – 3 other stories that have yet to be written. Those stories will likely not be posted here, at least not more than excerpts from time to time.

I am just in initial stages, so that cover may change based on resolution of the images etc… but I’m liking how it’s all turning out and flowing…

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