Bitstrips… Babe… Come Back to Me

In my last post I mentioned the love affair I had with Bitstrips when it was still an active app. I made a good several strips… Usually making at minimum two or three at a time and posting them on FB… At the time one of my youth, Claire, was being much much more prolific in sharing Pingu memes. I made comment to her and she shot back that my Bitstrips were more annoying. Bah! Clearly, as you can see above, I told her what. Haha

Bitstrips was awesome. I loved it… It was, dare I say it? My Jam… πŸ˜‰


So I am going to share with you a fair handful of some of my faves I had saved. If you have a shockingly poor sense of humor, like Claire, you might as well go… just go.. now.


Ha… anyway, several of them featured some certain best friends… First Maja:

Clearly, I love her πŸ˜› Also, clearly we joke a lot about uncouth things – if you recall many of my stories you’d pick the jokes up right away. Otherwise, I’ll explain. The clinic one, first of all says “You Have… erm… Chlamydia” and “Hell, not again.” Because… Yes, That boy DID give me cooties haha… along with that the last one was for her benefit, though her avatar is not in it… There I’m saying “WTF, discretion please” while he shouts out “Price on Chlamydia medication, please!”

The reference to breath mints and lip gloss was from when she tried to rescue me from a creep by kissing me full on the mouth.

Next a really good friend named Melissa made frequent appearances in my strips – and I did hers…

Aaand random other friends….

Now I’m wondering if this was such a good idea… ha… some of my humor may be a little… off… to some of you… Oh well. Only live once, right? πŸ˜› Ok, I’ll just add one last group of random other ones that amuse me:

Clearly I have too much time on my hands… I am aware of this now…. But ah well. It was fun while it lasted. They say once you have a break up you shouldn’t entertain going back to an ex. I think that’s crap as a general rule (depends on the situation) – in this case, I would totally take my love, Bitstrips, back if ever given the chance…

Β FYI I included the cake one for you specifically, Fatty McCupcakes πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I hope at least a couple of these gave you a chuckle. Hopefully you don’t dislike them like *siiiiggghhhh* Claire did… If that’s the case, then I only have one last thing to say:



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