Dane Memory #2

Aha! I did write about Dane leaving me a drunk voicemail that was a prime mocking BFF boy opportunity – as I mentioned yesterday in my “We are the loudest tooth fairy” post… Sooo Sharing it again as it was posted a looooong time ago so most of y’all likely haven’t read it anyway. Actually, I’m sharing it to provide further proof of how hilarious I am… HAHAHA! Sooo anyway… Enjoy 🙂

I Will Not Live in Vain

Before the fight…

Dane and I hadn’t been friends for long when Elizabeth broke up with him. She was a good Lutheran girl from our church, one of the pastor’s extended family members – beautiful, devout, pretty much everything that Dane wanted in a girl. The only thing is he didn’t express any of that adequately to her.

Dane was committed to his career and, to be honest, was a bit of a commitment-phobe with the ladies. Not that he didn’t want to commit entirely, more like he wanted to be absolutely sure that a girl was the right one before committing. Elizabeth was a serious girl, young 20s but ready to start looking into building a family of her own. She spoke to Dane about it, from what I understand, but Dane hemmed and hawed during that conversation. Yes, he wanted a wife and family, but didn’t want to…

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