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No Longer Woefully Tattooless

I’ve been wanting a tattoo since I was 17. I’ve told you all this before. I was never the type to jump in for such a permanent addition to my body without being absolutely sure I would love it forever… So I gave myself time limits to think on ideas and if I had any doubts by that time I would write off the idea.

That is why, at 19, when I started to date my tattooed husband, I was still woefully tattooless. …And he wished it to remain that way.

Mid-last year I recall telling you guys that I finally decided what I really wanted. I had been thinking about it for years and had yet to change my mind. So I brought it up to Jason again. At that time – after 13 years of marriage – he agreed that he wouldn’t mind anymore if I got one. The only conditions were to not do it in Alice… I had to wait until I was back in the US at a minimum. It would not only be cheaper, but I’d have more options as far as locations/artists, and most importantly the place in Alice was supposedly notoriously unsanitary – having been shut down more than once.


I have since tweaked the tattoo I wanted last year – still has the same image; I have just added to it. I have also since moved to Marinette, WI. Once we settled I looked up reviews of tattoo parlours in the vicinity, and it turned out the one in Marinette itself had very good reviews and the art posted on their Facebook was impressive. So I made a consult appointment on my birthday (Jason will be paying for my tattoo as a birthday present.)

The appointment has been made for April 12th with “Ryan 2” …I’m über excited, naturally…

Srsly though, I have been trying to remain patient. I’ve waited 17 years after all. Well, today the parlour posted on Facebook that they had some walk in times available.

I had been thinking about a particular phrase I wanted as well, thinking I’d wait till after my other planned one… but… the opportunity presented itself… and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have my first tattoo actually be a small one, before I settle in for a bigger one.

So I strolled back into Main Street Electric Tattoo Co in Marinette, WI


I got a spot with “Ryan 1” – the owner of said business – and handed him my slip of paper. It had the phrase I wanted, in my handwriting to keep it as one-of-a-kind as possible. I wanted the phrase “Nevertheless, she persisted” except… with it being such a prevalent quote at the moment, I don’t trust that other women wouldn’t get essentially the same tattoo. I would at least hope my body art will be more unique than not.

So I wrote it down in Swedish: “Hon härdade ändå”

Not only do I love the quote in as far as the words having been said in the spirit of reprimand, yet the world has latched onto these words and turned them into praise. I have also connected with these words on a personal level.

I sent a bracelet to my sister, Finding Reverie, for her birthday this past week – yes we are both February babies – with “Nevertheless, she persisted” as well. My feeling was that regardless of the popular connotation, that she would be able to take those words as her own. Take those words as a reminder that she is a fucking strong woman that has made it through a hell of a lot in her 24 years. Like a Viking, Huah! …and hey, our people are Nordic… 😉 Truth is, Reverie was in a very abusive relationship more recently that I. She still struggles with anxiety and the like because of it.

Side note: SHE LOVED IT. I am the most awesome biggest sister she has in the world! 😀

As we know, I too have had my struggles with my past abusers as well as the depression. These words remind me somewhat of the semi-colon movement… Though I have never wanted one of those tattoos because at this point soooo many people have essentially the same thing. I’ve showed you Vollie-Dan’s… My friend Mitch has one… another friend Tiffany has one (though to be fair hers is more elaborate, so that’s cool.) As I’ve said… I’ve never wanted matchy-matchy type tattoos.

Anyway, that is my reasoning behind this brand new tattoo… and, naturally, I have pictures for you. Enjoy!

My stenciled wrist drying and eagerly anticipating the start… and Ryan 1 at work. It was… uh… stingy. LOL… Stingy, but manageable.

My view from the chair – Ryan 1’s work space.

Ryan 2’s work space and the wall behind the register… I just love their decor.  Unfortunately I did not take pictures of everything. Check out their FB page linked above for further examples if you are so inclined.

Oh, of course… I need to show you the finished product!

Hmmmm… apparently I need to update my manicure. Ignore that, why don’t you? 😉

So anyway, now all there is to do is let it heal and wait patiently for my bigger tattoo. I’ve got my salve… and… the only fragrance free soap I could find in my house was a Swedish egg soap …fitting? LOL. I’m ready to go…

and Hey! Stinging subsided quite awhile ago; regardless, it was worth the pain and worth the ability to say “I persisted” despite it.

29 thoughts on “No Longer Woefully Tattooless”

  1. Yay! A fellow Wisconsinite!!! I absolutely adore your tattoo, congrats on getting it! I’ve been wanting one since I was 19. The word ‘free’ is in cursive, with the tail end of the last e turning into a flying bird. It’s quite small, and I’d like to get it either on my collar bone or my wrist. Your blog has inspired me to finally do it. As a 22nd birthday gift to myself. Thanks!

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    1. That’s what my friend Tiffany just got 🙂 another friend says she is getting one soon where the top circle breaks up into tiny flying birds… definitely prefer to see people getting creative with their semi colon tattoos! Good luck with that!


      1. I have a shooting Nautical star, with a trail of music notes that I drew in my first year of college and a half moon and half sun on my back from when I was just out of high school. I used to pounce on ideas and now I over think everything haha.

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      2. I started playing guitar and bass guitar at age 15 and music has been huge in my life. I now weirdly enough play the ukulele haha. So that was just a way to steer me back when I loose sight of how important it has been to me.

        The other one was more spur of the moment but with the thought in mind of “There will always be light and dark, good and evil”

        If i were to get another one it would be for my future children, or something related to my heritage. My dad and I have been working on our family tree for a while and can run it back quite a way. I want to say to the 1600’s!

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      3. Cool 🙂 I have an idea planned based around my kids to do eventually, though I have no idea about placement… the one I have scheduled is pretty well a heritage related tattoo… for the Swedish in me 🙂 in that vein, this current one is tied into that as well… we’ve searched ours back as well. I know on my dad’s side there were books published that went back a little further than the 1600s but basically the Swedes and the Dutch came over to New Amsterdam, before it was New York, and intermarried in the 1600s. My mother’s side is pretty far back as well, but as far as the Swedes go – they didn’t emigrate until early 1900s and then married amongst themselves once they were here… We still have family in Sweden. What stands out about your heritage that you might want to relate a tattoo to?

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      4. My great grandmother and grandfather on my mom’s, mom’s side came over and were from the Ukraine. My grandmother new the Ukrainian language and I wish I would have gotten involved with it a bit more, but never did. I may want to work something out in her memory, since she died when I was fairly young.

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      5. My friend travels to the Ukraine fairly often to work with orphans… everything she says about it sounds interesting… she loves Ukraine… I’m sure you can come up with something cool based on that idea 🙂

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  2. I remember when I was in my late teens, I mentioned to someone who had a few tattoos that I wanted one and I never forgot her response. She said that I should take my time, truly think about what I want in the long run because it’s really a commitment. So I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet because over 15 years later, I’m still thinking it over. It’s great you did the same and will end up with 2 tattoos that you feel works perfectly for you. That’s awesome and I love the first one and its meaning.

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    1. Thank you! Definitely- I think that’s how hubby felt when he told me not to get one when I was 19… he just wasn’t as good at communicating that. He does regret is biggest tattoo a bit… it looks nice, but he got it while he was drunk and it is of such subject matter he further has to keep in hidden even from more audiences than just at work etc… I am glad I took my time as well 🙂 I’m pleased with the plans and know I’ve found a good artist and all of that… so I’m prepared to finally permanently decorate myself 🙂


  3. I love the saying you’ve had tattooed and to get it in Swedish is a very nice touch. I do wish you wouldn’t mention my birthday though. I might get inundated with gifts now (and I might become King of Israel too).Just to take the piss though I might get “Nevertheless, he put up with it…” tattooed in exactly the same place in Esperanto. Haha.

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      1. It probably would be. Though I reckon a more apt tattoo would say “Be reet” as I say it enough. If you’re unfamiliar with the term then it’s basically a regional term that means “it’ll be alright” and is often uttered in the least appropriate of times and situations. Haha

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