Whispers in Their Minds – Part 8

Finally have part 8 up on my fiction site for the Emily and Levi saga. Please check it out 🙂

Raeavljus Writes

Emily stood at the end of Levi’s driveway, staring at his door. Despite her excesses the night before, she had still remembered her promise to show up at his house. She was nothing if not a woman that kept her promises; yet she was mentally kicking herself over this trait.

That’s it. New resolution: become a flake, she thought to herself before sighing and walking up the driveway.

After stepping up onto the porch, she hesitated once again. Staring at the familiar blue door with the stupid sign indicating that one should shout “Ding Dong!” should the door bell be out of service.

She realised she could hear her heart beating in her ears. Maybe she needed another minute before knocking on the door…. She turned around and stepped down so that she could lower herself onto the top step. She sat there gripping the edge of the porch…

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