I never knew I was addicted until I tried to stop…

I know what you’re thinking… Is she about to tell us some deep dark secret about a personal struggle with drug addiction? Alcoholism? OMG Has she been introduced to LULAROE?!

Actually, I think I may have mentioned my Lularoe addiction in passing already… Hmmmm…

But no. My confession is nothing quite so lascivious. Not at the moment anyway… Today I sent Klutzy a text: “I have about a kajillion mugs… and yet I just bought four more… so the count is up to a kajillion and four. To be fair they were super cute, big, and all on sale!”

Then I sent her this picture:


Now that I am writing a blog post about it though… take a look close up! Might as well! I love how big they all are, but especially the “latte mugs.”


Now, when I say I have a kajillion and four mugs/tea cups I am of course exaggerating… but just slightly. Not only do I have this cabinet full, but I have a full box packed away with extras, and two sets of china each with their own sets of tea cups. (I also collect tea pots if you care to know…)

To be honest the only reason my new ones fit in that cabinet is because there are a handful around the house that need to be gathered and washed… My hubby actually bought me a mug hanger thingy to hang on the wall for my favorites, but he hasn’t gotten around to it yet… I’m definitely gonna need it up soon…

Now, lemme give you close ups of some of my collection … because… wth, I have nothing else I care to blog about at the moment lol.

I’ve shown you my Hello Sailor one before… because I looooovvvvveeee it. I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much on another mug as I did on that one… Because it is, quite frankly, amazing. I also love my Jane Austen quote one… I bought Hubs a Mark Twain one as well at the time. I’d love to get a few more authory/quotey mugs from that line… The blue and yellow latte mug and matching Asian tea cup both came from my first trip to Darwin with St John… I love my ceramic travel mugs as well (Wonder Woman and GoT.) Well… all of these I love for one reason or another… All of these found me giving in and spending the cash after feeling a need to not only add to my collection but also a need to wrap my hands around a warm dose of tea encased therein.

I have also taken to collecting mugs simply for display.

Because seriously, how much tea can one girl drink??

I honestly tried to stop myself from buying those four mugs today… Really I did. But DUDE. They were on SALE! Half off!! I would have regretted walking away… I mean… There was only one Moose one left… and Maaaaan but I love Mooses… Meeses?? 😉 Hahaha (Plural is Moose… I know… I’m not completely ignorant… LOL)

Up next time: Tumblers!  😀 (Haha naw I won’t do that to you all 😛 )


A painting my BIL gave me for Christmas 🙂



  1. Mugs are amazing. Even with a whole cabinet (or more) filled you have to have your favorites. Coffee simply doesn’t taste right if it isn’t out of MY mug. I cringe inwardly on the lazy days all MY mugs are still dirty and I have to drink out of one of the mugs I have not deemed cool enough to be MINE. I have a collection too, but mine is small compared to yours as I have lived in too many places and have stayed behind for one reason or another.

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  2. You know, I thought I was so cool with my collection of vinyl records, but it looks like you’ve totally outdone me here. Screw getting everybody round to a house party to dance to my silky smooth beats mixed to perfection. Let’s get some tea down us throats! 😛 I love how much of a geek you are, Raemondo! Haha.

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