Adventures of Zarah – Part 4

Took a break from Emily’s story to add to Zarah’s saga 🙂 Check it out… I’m in a flow soooo might see some more from Zarah sooner rather than later! 😉

Raeavljus Writes

**You can read parts 1-3 here.

Leona opened one eye to glare at whoever was at fault for waking her up in such a way – a violent jostling of her bed as the culprit bounced up and down on her mattress.

“For crying out loud… ZARAH! Stoooopppp,” Leona whined. “It’s not even 4:30 yet!”

“Early bird catches the worm!” Zarah responded way too cheerfully as she continued to bounce… Though she slowed slightly since her main mission had been accomplished – Leona was awake.

Leona groaned and shut her eye again. “When you said we’d get an early start, I thought you meant like… 7 or 8… Time for a nice, hearty breakfast… So… Just…” Leona faded off and started snoring ever so quietly.

Zarah plopped to her knees so she could grasp Leona’s shoulders and shake her. “Leona! Rise and shine already!”

“Go awaaaaaayyyy,” Leona whined with…

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