Writing Aspirations

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper post over here. That’s the way it feels anyway. So here I am – checking in.

I’ve posted parts 4 and 5 to my Zarah children’s story over on my fiction site this week and I have planned out the rest of the story which should be about 5 more parts… However, I will not be posting them online.

I’ve always intended on publishing it into a book, initially thinking along the “easy” route of self publishing. However, I have gotten several encouraging comments from friends and family that think it is a strong enough story to get published legitimately through a publishing company.

Today I started emailing submissions to children’s publishers that accept email submissions. I also picked up extra paper and ink so that I can take time tomorrow to print off submissions and mail to those that only accept paper submissions.

Most only want the first three chapters or something to that effect, but there are a handful that want full manuscripts – so if I don’t hear anything from the ones I’m submitting to currently, I’ll try them once the full manuscript once it’s finished.

It’s a little bothersome that the prevailing theme is that publishers will not contact you in response to your submission unless they are actually interested – no rejection letters or anything like that… Just a notice to expect that your manuscript was recycled if you don’t hear back in 3, 4, or 6 months. I get it, I suppose, with the ridiculous amount of submissions they likely receive… yet… if someone has read it they can’t send off a form email while simultaneously tossing the manuscript aside? Or hire a cheap intern to lick envelopes for form letters to mail out? It just seems common courtesy… Not knowing could be horrible… not knowing if your manuscript was ever even received and seen.

If nothing else, I’ll go down the self publishing lane… But to be honest, I’d rather an established company handle art and marketing.

So wish me luck! I am nervous. Excited, but nervous. I’m trying not to get my hopes too high… and yet I really do have faith in my story, which honestly doesn’t happen very often.

I’d love to have a professional copy of my story sitting on my children’s bookshelves… and hopefully, one day, multiple stories of mine…



  1. You WILL get published! I have the utmost faith that you will. Zarah has the makings of something very special and I can just see it sitting on the shelves in schools; capturing the imaginations and hearts of young girls all over the world. Don’t forget me when you’re famous πŸ™‚

    As for publishers not responding even generically, well that just sucks balls and smacks of pure arrogance to me. In the case of mail submissions I suppose it’s understandable, but with email submissions… seriously, how difficult is it to type up a generic two-three sentence email that is sent to all unsuccessful authors? You know what? If I ever open a publishing house (something I intend to do if I ever end up rich enough to do so) I’ll make a point of always contacting those who send in submissions even if it is a time consuming task. They’ve taken enough of their time writing the manuscript after all!

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