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Flashback Saturday? …No… That’s not right…

Good Morning, lovelies. I have been mulling over an issue this week regarding my blog. Earlier this week, a blog I follow – Suzie Speaks – wrote a post about recycling blog content. Talking about reblogging oneself or reediting old content into new posts as once a blog starts gaining many more followers than it had in it’s inception  – any old content would be new to newer readers anyway. This is a weird concept to ponder though – as for me it all feels like old news.

I know this is true for the majority of readers, but I also wonder how many of my readers are like me and when they find a blog they adore they go back and read every single fucking post from the beginning. I’ve spent hours doing shit like that, haha… Of course, I don’t do it with every blog I follow and I doubt the majority of my 620 (current at time of writing) followers have done such with mine.

I’ve linked old posts when they are relevant to a topic I’m writing about, yet people in general don’t seem interested to click those links. Perhaps it is because many of my followers have read it already and it’s not old enough, or they don’t have time to follow links when they only want to read one post real quick. I dunno…

But it also now seems to be a trend to do “Flashback Fridays” among at least a handful of other blogs I follow… On my end, it seems to be useful because these blogs are often many years old – so as a newer follower I can catch up with some of the better older posts without trudging through masses of archives.

Then I think: my blog is only two years old… is it even worth me doing such a thing?

OMG I just realised how much I am boring myself right now let alone all y’all… Apologies.

I’ll get straight to the point: I am going to schedule some old content (posts from 2015 only) for this upcoming couple of weeks, max. I don’t want to commit to a trending hashtag like #fbf, so I will make up my own name… errrm… “Reblogging Emma” …good enough. Boom. Sorted. ….and do two weeks or so of older content. I will likely do some editing/updating of some of them… and if I do I will note it has been updated at the beginning. I’m trying to decide if I should then go make the older ones private to keep the blog itself cleaned up? Hmmm… If anyone has thoughts on that lemme know…

To be honest, part of the reason I am doing this is not only to bring attention to some older posts that I like that didn’t get much attention in the first place, but also to give me more time to work on my manuscript without worrying too much if there will be time to update the blog 😛 I will still of course be keeping up with any comments, etc… I just need to focus my writing mind-space on this project for a little while. I’m sure y’all understand.

So I hope you all enjoy this next two weeks… if not… well… Eff you too, man… and… it’ll be over soon enough HAHA

12 thoughts on “Flashback Saturday? …No… That’s not right…”

  1. Having read a couple of your old journal style posts from your time working at the hospital I’d say that you’re doing the right thing. I think it’ll definitely help give people more of an insight to who you are. I’ll certainly be amongst the readers, but then I’m sure you already knew that

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    1. Thanks for the support! Glad it seems like the right thing as opposed to phoning it in – but to be fair it was still a lot of work! I have about 9 posts set up for every other day starting tomorrow 🙂 guess I have no excuse for not writing Zarah now lol

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  2. Thanks for including my link – I’m really pleased it got you thinking about it. I think for me, my blog is four years old and I have over 800 posts, so one of the reasons why I wanted to share some of that is that my newer followers ie. the ones I’ve gained on the last year, will definitely not have seen most of them. I do like the #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday hashtags on Twitter as they are great resources to use to promote old content. Let me know how you get on with it!

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    1. You are welcome! Yeah I have just under 400 posts for the past two years – and that is even after having deleted some and made some private last year at one point. I don’t mind throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, in all honesty – I’m just ornery in the fact that I don’t wanna be on trend with everyone else! Lol 😂 I’ve got it set up for 9 posts to go up every other day… revamped a few and a few were ones that had been made private awhile back so hopefully it’ll make for interesting reading while I’m focusing my energies on my manuscript 🙂

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