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Reblogging Emma: The Blogosphere

Ok! This is the last one I am posting for this recycling of blog posts series! Hopefully this means that I have had plenty of time to focus on my manuscript! New content to come next 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane… There were so many others I could have chosen… But I veered towards the more upbeat ones in general. Feel free to go back through the archives sometime and read ALL the posts! (I need that Hyperbole and a Half meme to place here methinks… LOL) These will all show up in the Favorite Posts tab, but if you scroll back there are plenty more of what I consider my better work there as well. Anyway. This seemed fitting as a last one… So enjoy. This is from April 2015.

I scan through WordPress Reader and Freshly Pressed, looking at all sorts of blogs that have specific themes, real identities. I feel a slight guilt that I am not one of those mommy bloggers that write all about her children and her amazing views in the arena of child rearing. I really should be at that stage in my life, I ponder to myself. But I’m not. I have two beautiful kids and I love them very much… but I am not that awesome mum. All I can say is that I try and I love them… But I also want to keep my own identity, take it back and be more than just “mum.”

That’s why I wrote my memoir in the first place. Yes, it was for my kids to eventually read, but also for them to eventually realize I am “more than just mum.”

I scan through blogs and find some unequivocally humorous sites, some insightful intelligent sites – I wonder how anyone can write so much on one academic area such as Medieval  Literature and still find a way to make it interesting? There are blogs on so many topics and they have so many followers and I am just over here… in my own little corner of the internet, wondering what I am doing. Wondering if I could ever consider competing with other obviously more popular blogs. It makes me feel almost the teenager again, trying to join the conversation only to be talked over so I stop and quietly walk away while nobody realizes.

Screw that. I’m not a teenager anymore. I will stay over here in my little corner, talking even though nobody may care to listen. I will stick around trying to carve out my own little niche and tell my own story, because …well… I’ll damn well do as I please.

5 thoughts on “Reblogging Emma: The Blogosphere”

  1. You know perhaps better than all my other blog friends how much I can and do relate to this. It’s impossible not to look at other blogs that are so popular and wonder how. As you say, it’s all much of the same all the time while more diverse blogs like ours get largely ignored. We are our own little niche and separate niches simultaneously. Perhaps only the brave will blog about numerous things and only the brave will read blogs that are about numerous things. Most people like to fall into one category or another. Rare is it that people adopt a jack of all trades mentality. That’s too much effort. I’m glad you aren’t a mummy blogger. Ten a penny merchants in my eyes. I’d rather know you as a person than you as a mum. We just gotta keep our flags of diversity flying and hope for the best, sister. Maybe one day our time in the limelight will come…

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    1. Exactly, I’ve tried to keep the mentality that I do this all primarily for me and having people discover my blog and deem it interesting enough to follow is a fringe benefit. It’s hard sometimes knowing what sells or whatever; knowing I could sell out and MAYBE make a bigger name for myself (then again… so much competition in the mommy blog or fashion/lifestyle blog worlds). But I know what I find interesting and I know I’d rather have people interested in what is genuinely me than a front I try to put up to act like what I ‘should’ be

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      1. There is ALWAYS an element of selling out when doing something popular because it is very rare that it speaks to and/or of you as a person. Mummy bloggers seem quite fake in general. That’s the impression I get even if it’s not the case. Fashion bloggers come across as pretentious and dull. I can’t help that. An impression is something that can’t be chosen.

        We prefer to use the blog as a kind of extension of ourselves. We aren’t selling anything except the people we are. We drive our blog using our personality as opposed to using something outside of ourselves. I’m not saying the way we do it is right, but it’s certainly the most honest.

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  2. You and your blog is what got me into blogging over in my place. I am finding that I enjoy blogs that are about the authentic author behind the blog. It is hard to find those sorts because I think the “sell outs” of mommy, fashion, lifestyle bloggers are typically what I find in the search. It is hard to find a personal connection to the author when you’re just a drop in their bucket.

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