En Svensk Tiger

Today I made a trip back to Main Street  – because it was TATTOO DAY! Woo! I finally got the tattoo I have been planning for several months and had booked the appointment as of two months ago.

Big couple of days I guess, because I also bit the bullet and dyed all of my hair black last night! Eek! Luckily, it turned out well and hubs likes it… sooo… Phew! It was something I’ve wanted to try for quite awhile, but wasn’t sure I could pull it off.


Anyway, so that happened and then I went to get my long awaited ink at Main Street Electric Tattoo co…


My appointment was for 12:30, but the actual inking didn’t start until about 1 since of course my artist, Ryan #2 (Ryan McClelland), had to have me approve the design and print it and stencil it etc etc

The process then took until about 3:30 with a short break about an hour in. Hubs stopped in after work to give me some moral support… because… owwiiiieeeeee. No, I didn’t cry, lol… But I did have to “Viking up.” (Klutzy told me to “Cowgirl up” when I mentioned it was ow… and given the material/person in question, obviously it had to be adjusted.)

At times it was really intense, but the majority of the time it was manageable…. so that was good. Phew… While I have discussed further (complimentary) tattoos with both Svea and hubs, I have no intention of getting any other tattoos nearly this big again.

Now for the main event – I know y’all want to see the inking itself and the final result, so here we go!

and after all of that… the final, awesome result was this:


Don’t you just love it?? 😀

Check out their other social media sites – Main Street’s Instagram, Ryan #2’s Instagram (artist from today) , Ryan #1’s Instagram (artist who did my wrist), and their FB Page



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