Our Grandpa is not doing well…

Finding Reverie

It all happens at once. Nothing prepares you for the rush of emotions you feel when a family member suddenly has stage 4 cancer. One minute they seem fine. The next, they are rushing to the ER. Coming down with pneumonia. Losing touch with reality. They can’t stop coughing. It’s too late for treatment. Suddenly, they’re weak and helpless. Suddenly, they don’t know who you are anymore. Suddenly, they’re bed ridden. And moments….Just moments ago, they were fine. Just moments ago, they were picking strawberries with you and teaching you to ride a bike. Just moments ago, they took you to one of your favorite restaurants and ate Zuppa Toscana. Just moments ago, they were watching you catch fireflies and driving fast down a country road hill so that you could feel a thrill…

It’s almost numbing. You don’t want to believe it. You think of other things to take your mind…

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