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I Never Even Saw it Coming

So many blog post ideas… so little motivation….

Hi, y’all. It’s me… finally with my work training schedule slowing down… I have one more day this week to work before having a six day break before my rotating part time schedule starts. So I am hoping I can get myself on here more often and give you all a quality read or three in the next week or two.

Mostly I just want to, like, chill… and eat cookies… But I also need to stick to the motivation to eat healthier etc etc which I have been doing okay at the past few weeks (knock on wood I didn’t just jinx myself haha)

That being said – I am going to write a story for you now that has been on my blog idea list for awhile… Enjoy:


I rarely convince myself that it’s okay to spend money on manicures and pedicures. Generally I do my nails myself and only splurge on going to the salon perhaps once a year… Even less when I was in Australia since it was even more pricey there… I got my toe nails done a whole one time in the four years I was there…

Every now and then I decide I have enough money in my account or that it’s a necessary treat to decompress me from stress and I  splurge.

My Grandmother was the one who introduced me to the world of manicures… Back when she was working, she would go in for her standing weekly appointment. It was a necessary expense back then as a working woman, it seems. When I was twelve, she decided enough was enough with me biting my nails (a habit I picked up from my mother after an apparently traumatic experience as a child of 6 or 7 that I blocked from my memory – one day I’ll make my mother tell me details…)

When I was about 12… in G’ma’s backyard

So G’ma took me to her manicurist and I learned about how to take care of my nails and got a manicure with red polish with little white flowers with a crystal set in the middle on the ring fingers. My G’ma then gifted me with my own leather manicure set.

I can’t say I never bit my nails again… But after this experience I was more hyper aware of them. I was determined to not ruin this manicure, and slowly my nails grew. As a teen I eventually had lovely real nails that many thought were fake because they were so long and strong. I’d bite them occasionally – absentmindedly – when I was exceedingly stressed or nervous. I still do that sometimes… but now my main foe is working in healthcare haha.

Not the best pics, but they show off my teenager nails nicely Haha… I went looking for a particular picture for this that is more clearly natural nails… and couldn’t find it of course… Sigh. But these’ll do 😉

Now that I’ve told you the back story of my nails, you’ll understand why in around 2012 I think it was I decided to go treat myself to a Mani/Pedi when by miraculous happenstance I had a free day in which I had no school or work nor any other pressing activity to accomplish. It was on a whim before I headed home from an errand.

I walked in to the small salon on Tiny Town road, somewhat near my house in Tennessee. There was maybe one other person being serviced, finishing up, as I walked in. I exchanged pleasantries with the staff and said what I wanted done… They assured me I’d be taken care of momentarily and asked me to go ahead and pick out the color polish I wanted.

I strolled over to the fixture that held all of the miniature hues to peruse their selection. As I reached out to pick up one of the bottles, I felt something hit my legs. I looked down to see shattered safety glass all around my feet. Following the direction from whence it came with my eyes, I looked up to see a car had come through the window that stood less than three feet from me.

Swallowing the shock and forcing my heart to slow again, I noticed that the car had hit the cross section of the metal window frames, which bent inwards, but ultimately stopped the car from coming all the way through and hitting me directly.

The staff jumped up in shock, one grabbed a broom and swept glass away from me to allow me to walk away without the risk of getting glass in my sandals, and they apologised profusely to me.

I told them repeatedly it was not their fault naturally… The manicurist said something to the effect of they understood if I no longer wanted my Mani/Pedi from them. Pssshhh… Lady… I REALLY needed it now! Haha, but seriously… I wasn’t going to take away my business for something like that. Again: not their fault, and hey… they could use whatever funds they could get after that I’m sure!

I took a picture at the time with my crappy little basic cell phone – of the car in the window – to show some friends of mine after the fact. I no longer have the photographic evidence I don’t think… So you’ll just have to trust me that I’m telling the truth LOL

Later, after I left, I sat in my car thinking about what a close call that was. If it hadn’t have hit at the exact right spot of the window, I would have been under that car or something. I would have been injured or dead without warning. It’s a heavy thing to think about.

I never even saw it coming.

6 thoughts on “I Never Even Saw it Coming”

    1. I know!!! You always think those kind of things happen to other people, not you… then KABLAM! Car through a window! Lol… yup, many of my splurges have been when I visit her… we get mani/pedis together… they’re a splurge for her too now since she’s retired 🙂


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