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Omnilinguism Goals

A year and a half ago I submitted my answers for our St John Cadets end of year yearbook – the “fun” question that year was what superpower I’d want to have… I answered I’d want to be Omnilinguistic – otherwise the power to know all languages. One of my teen boys decided he liked my answer and *gasp* copied me… Though he did give me credit for the idea on his page, haha.

I only just realised this was a thing that Wonder Woman possesses when I watched the movie, FYI… All new reason to idolise that character for me! LOL

I’ve talked a bit before about Swedish and I think I may have mentioned Estonian when I started dabbling in it a couple years ago? I don’t really recall all I’ve written here – except in the case of the Word Fuckery post and when I spoke about teaching my children Swedish… So for those of you that are newer to my blog/and or for followers that might not otherwise know: I have a veritable fascination with languages. There are so many I am interested in and hope to one day be at minimum proficient in, if not fluent. If I could flick a switch in my brain that would give me all knowledge of all languages, I would turn it on with no hesitation.

Over the years I have become relatively fluent in Swedish, proficient in Danish and Norwegian, and have studied some German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Estonian. French and Spanish don’t concern me much – I have difficulty retaining Latin based languages and they were not languages of choice. My parents made me take 7 years of French and Spanish was at one time the only language offered at one of my schools – in which a language was required to be taken.

This image does not include the children’s language books or non-instructive foreign language books on my shelves…
In High School I wanted to take Russian, it seemed interesting and widely used… and difficult enough that if I mastered it in any degree I would be proud of myself. My school offered Russian classes at least in my first year – but they were taught in Swedish and I was not yet confident enough in my understanding of Swedish to be able to learn a new, more difficult language through it.

Many, many years have passed and I have stayed away from non-Latin lettered languages until I started attempting Mandarin a few years ago (still need to take an actual class to progress with that I think.) And guess what? Last month I saw an advertisement in our church bulletin that another local Lutheran church would be hosting Russian classes this Summer – for free besides the cost of the book.


To say I jumped on the opportunity is an understatement.

I have started to instill the interest in languages in my 7 year old daughter, and so when I offered her the chance to come along (after checking with the instructor that it would be okay) she also jumped on the chance.

Our first class was last night and she was all about being studious and copying down the words we were going over (essentially English borrowed words written in the Cyrillic alphabet.) Afterwards the instructor said her copying of the letters was better than High School students he knows – and he could easily read even the words she copied from the book that we hadn’t gotten to in class yet.


She is super excited to go back tonight (it’s a two night a week class for about 3 months.)

I sometimes wonder why I didn’t go into language studies in University like I had at one time planned. I’m still trying to get through to a B.S degree – now that my focus has switched to sciences/Nursing – but at one time I planned to get a B.A at minimum and was looking at eventually moving up with my uncle in MD to study Scandinavian studies. (I think it was a Germanic Studies major with Swedish language/Scandinavian literature minor) …But I got married, and moved around… and even Germanic studies – though more widely available in the USA – is still not something easily found near anywhere we have lived; let alone any Scandinavian studies.

So I study in spurts on my own, and keep my eye out for classes or opportunities to learn with others – which doesn’t come around often.

I need to refresh and focus on some of these languages I’ve already started again. Maybe while I’m only working part time and before my Nursing starts in Autumn 2018, I’ll have to use this free time more productively. Of course, I say that in regards to my writing too! LOL

But seriously. I’ll be taking Bio-Chemistry this Autumn, but other than that and working a few days every couple of weeks… I guess I’m gonna have to put myself on a schedule 😛

Ok, hold up… I need to go find my planner…


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