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Recording for Posterity

Radio silence ended it seems… at least for a moment. Emma is back bitches! Woo! Haha. I don’t have any particular topic to write on or story to tell at the moment, but since it’s been 10 days since I last wrote here I figured I was due to write an update.

On Monday I worked and then came home to bathe (the power came back on after 24 hours of being knocked out by a storm right before I got home on Monday… And because our water pump is electric, bathing was a priority at that point!) and then I went to sleep from 4 pm until 11:20 pm. My husband had gotten the kids dressed and settled them in our arm chairs to watch TV while he came to lay down that evening – telling them they could stay up as long as they wanted as long as they chilled out in the living room and didn’t take their shoes off etc – so they would be ready to leave as soon as I was ready.

Well. My daughter came bee-bopping into my room at 12:00 on the dot to inform me it was finally midnight – the time I said we would aim to leave. She was literally hopping up and down… She had not fallen asleep at all. She was too excited and had kept an eye on the clock even after her brother fell fast asleep.

Anyway, to make a long story short we finally pulled out of the driveway at 12:45 AM after all the goodbyes and kisses for Daddy… and about 19 hours later we arrived at my mom’s house in Virginia.

I had planned on driving as far as I could and then stopping at a hotel that evening; leaving a much shorter trip for Wednesday AM… But right as I was approaching the town I had decided to try to find a hotel in (which was only 3.5 hours away from our destination), my mom messaged me and said my grandfather was on his way to the ED again. I decided then that I wasn’t yet fatigued – though my back hurt and my legs were stiff – and that I would just aim to do the long haul and just make it there Tuesday evening. So just shy of 19 hours after we started, we finally arrived.

My kids were surprisingly very good during the whole trip. Now we are still in VA… Grandpa is home, but weak… and we plan on leaving again (and stopping at a hotel!) on Wednesday assuming nothing goes particularly wrong (well, worse) with my grandpa. That remains to be seen at the moment; however.

My Sister that lives in PA arrives tomorrow and will stay a few days… Can’t wait for that. My other sister that lives in FL was here last week, but had to leave before I arrived. Booooo…. And sister number three lives in the area so my kids have at least gotten to play with cousins the last couple of days a bit.

Yesterday I took my grandma and my daughter out and we had manicures and pedicures – my daughter’s very first such experience… They had the little kid pedicure chairs. She was so cute and talkative. Acting so grownup… siiiigh. I mentioned recently about my grandma being the one to take me for my first manicure and the tradition of doing manicures or Mani/Pedis with her whenever we’d see each other… I think it’s pretty neat that she was also there for my daughter’s first.


I have also bought a voice recorder – something I intended to get before I start Bio-chemistry in the Fall anyway… but decided to get now so that I could have my grandparents tell me stories about their life – how they met etc … I’m trying to get some youthful indiscretion stories out of grandpa… but haven’t yet been successful on that front lol… Grandma did tell me some more about my mom’s youthful indiscretions though HAHA.

My niece was pretty pleased to hear some of these stories too… and I told her I would tell her stories about her own mom too. I didn’t get a chance to today, but I’ll be sure to pull her aside sometime before I leave LOL

On Sunday, my two sisters and I and the kids will go to my Dad’s house for a father’s day lunch. I think while I’m there I’ll try to get a few stories out of him too. TBH I have heard a fair handful of stories from him… but if I’m going to record for posterity anyway, might as well re-listen so I can record it for my kids at least some day.


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